Monday, July 04, 2011

Venice Biennale ; The German Pavilion - Christoph Schlingensief. Winner of the Golden Lion for Best Pavilion.

Photograph by David Baltzer/

Golden Lion for Best Pavilion: The German Pavilion – Christoph Schlingensief.   Winner of the Golden Lion for Best Pavilion.  The German Pavilion was  represented by Christoph Schlingensief whose early death did not put an end to his work’s leitmotiv.   His art and life were a process of constant evolution: not only did he actively contribute to shaping the perception of art, society and politics in the two decades following the German reunification, but he was also responsible for their definition.
Above: Eine Kirche der Angst vor dem Fremden in mir, Aufführung Ruhrtriennale performance.
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