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Venice: Palazzo Fortuny - Quand fondra la neige ou ira le blanc? – exhibtion

Venice: Palazzo Fortuny - Quand fondra la neige ou ira le blanc? – exhibtion. The beautiful exhibtion, Quand fondra la neige ou ira le blanc?, until Ocotber 10th at Palazzo Fortuny shows works from the Enea Righi Collection curated by Eric Mezil and Lorenzo Paini.  Each exhibition at Palazzo Fortuny is inspired by a desire to trace the multidisciplinary route that epitomised Mariano Fortuny’s life in art. The theme of collecting is therefore a perfect topic to explore in relation to the versatile and mysterious identity of the great Spaniard. The exhibition Quand fondra la neige ou ira le blanc? - When the snow melts, where does the white go? -  whose title is taken from a work by Remy Zaugg, starts a many-faceted project which intends to provide now and in future years a portrait of important collectors of contemporary art by presenting their valuable art collections.
Above. Below Philippe Parreno's Speech Bubbles (Silver) - 2009 the director of Palazzo Fortuny Daniela Ferretti leads the way. Remy Zaugg – N.T.104-d-6-3.25 (1) – 2002/2003.

Thomas Hirschhorn
Break-through (three) – 2013

Lawrence Weiner
Poised Between Dissolution and Resolution At the Pressent Time - 2007

Quand fondra la neige ou ira le blanc?

Art Collector Enea Righi, Daniela Ferretti director of Palazzo Fortuny curators Eric Mezil and Lorenzo Paini

The exhibition’s aim is to examine the question: how has the role of the art collector evolved from the time of the great Renaissance collections to the present day? This theme of great contemporary interest has in Enea Righi its first and main protagonist: businessman from the city of Bologna, who in over thirty years thanks to his passion and intuition and by supporting young artists and curators, has formed one of the most important collections of contemporary art in our country.

Deimantas Narkevicius
Holly War – 1996

Akram Zaatari
Syrian Resistants – 1970
Studio Shehrazade, Saida, Lebanon

Jonathas de Andrade
Looking For Jesus – 2013

Jonathas de Andrade
Looking For Jesus – 2013

Carlos Garaicoa
El Pensamiento - 2010

Quand fondra la neige ou ira le blanc?

Eric Mezil and Lorenzo Paini, curators of the exhibition, have selected a group of works from Righi Collection, starting from the rooms and the history of Palazzo Fortuny. Each floor is conceived as a cross section of our times, where works of artists from the 1960s (Alighiero Boetti, Daniel Buren, Lawrence Weiner, Enzo Mari, Cy Twombly, Remy Zaugg and many others) are juxtaposed with those of some of the most rigorous interpreters of the current international scene (Walid Raad, Zoe Leonard, Ryan Gander, Thomas Hirschhorn, Philippe Parreno, Francesco Vezzoli, etc.) in a dialogue on various themes, such as architecture, performance, the body and the void.


Ettore Spalletti
Impasto di Colore
Eco Rosso Azzurro, Tuttotondo, Blu di Prussia – 2009

  David Lamelas
Gente di Milano – 1970

Ian Wallace
Construction Site I (Veronique) – 1990

Carlos Garaicoa
– 2006

Andre Komatsu
Base Heirarquica (Italia) – 2014


Hans-Peter Feldmann
100 Yahre – S.d.
 Francesco Vezzoli
Self-portrait as Emperor Hadrian Loving Antinous – 2012

Pablo Bronstein
Sepulchre With dancer – 2012

Adel Abdessemed and Adonis
Le Livre de AA – 2014

On Kawara
One Million Years – 1999


Zoe Leonard
Robert – 2001
Douglas Gordon
Self Portrait of You + Me – 2008

Jana Sterbak
Bread Bed – 1996

Yann Serandour
Cactus Show and Sale – 2014
The Ups and Downs of the cactus Mania #1903/1935 – 2014

Franz Erhard Walther
Marburger Gesang – 1991
Drei Standstellen Sechs Richtungen – 1975

Dorothy Iannone
People – 1966/1967


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