Sunday, May 29, 2016

New York: Art - John Derian – Hugo Guinness – New Work - Exhibition Opening

New York: John Derian – Hugo Guinness – New Work - Exhibition Opening.  In the John Derian Furniture store in the East Village, the opening of Hugo Guinness’s New Works exhibition.  Alongside his flower ink linocuts and watercolors, Mr. Guinness presented original portraits of writers, authors and thinkers in primary colors for the first time.

Anna Wintour and Hugo Guinness


John Derian, Amanda and Jimmy Moffat 


 Paul Kasmin and Kara Finnerty

Elliott Puckette and Francesca Connolly

John Derian – The Terrace


Asa Puckette, Violet Guinness, Ginger Adams and Bella Guinness


CJ Guinness, Anne McNally, Lia Chavez and Shadow

Anna Wintour and John Derian

James and Nicky Rothschild

Kent Barwick

Romina, Nero and Bartolomeo Bellati

 Delicious “yummies” by cookbook author Susan Simon

Susan Simon and Bean

Tom Delavan, Jacob Weisberg, Deborah Needleman and Pierre Frey

Louise Fili

Mark Haldeman and James Aguiar

John Robshaw, Cynthia and John Hardy

John Derian – Furniture Store

 Stephen Johnson, Wendy Goodman and David Cafiero

Doug Wada

Alexander Gorlizki and Pip Rau 

Mona Kowalski, Victoria Bartlett and Luise Stauss

Dolly Wells and Kate Sebbah 

Xavier Joly and Emilie Johnson


John Derian - Hugo Guinness - watercolor







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Friday, May 27, 2016

New York: Design - Terminal Stores - WantedDesign Manhattan

New York: Design -  Terminal Stores - WantedDesign Manhattan

WantedDesign is a platform dedicated to promoting design and fostering the international creative community. Founded in New York City in 2011 by Odile Hainaut and Claire Pijoulat, WantedDesign has established itself as a constant and staunch supporter of U.S. and international design via events, conversations, and partners and its yearly programming aims to nurture New York City’s design dialogue.
 Around the World at WantedDesign
WantedDesign has sourced the best design pioneers from around the world, including brands and creators from Argentina, Mexico, Poland, Quebec, Tunisia, Norway, France, and the Netherlands which were presented as country group exhibitions at Terminal Stores.

Around the World at WantedDesign
Ventura New York - The Dutch Edition - The Netherlands
Daniel de Bruin – The New Technology

De Bruin shows the worlds first analof 3D printer called ‘This New Technology’. 3D printing allows products to be created more swiftly and mechanical, yet De Bruin misses the aesthetic quality handmade, artisanal objects. By designing a relatively old-fashioned contraption that produces almost primitive pottery, De Bruin merges best of both worlds. The machine is powered by gravity and weights, allowing the designer to be directly involved in the printing process.


Around the World at WantedDesign

Ventura New York -  The Dutch Edition - The Netherlands

 Hongjie Yang -The Primitive Collection

Yang presents a cutting edge project using biotechnology. In ‘The Primitive Collection’ Yang researches the notion of luxury. Rooted in the idea of rarity, the notion of luxury traces back to the dawn of civilization, from a fascination toward objects made from laborious process or valuable materials.

Around the World at WantedDesign

Ventura New York -  The Dutch Edition - The Netherlands

Simone Post – Post-Vlisco

With a clear interest in textile design, Simone Post has evolved a passion for material adaption and technique. On show her graduation work ‘Post-Vlisco’. Vlisco is a leading producer of batik-printed fabrics for the African market. To ensure its leading position in a niche market, Vlisco removes any material from the production line that fails to meet their standards of the highest quality.  Using folding and cutting techniques, Simone Post created patterned rugs inspired by the big rolls of textile in the factory. With endless possible color combinations, a unique product is created with every rug. This way, what was once waste, now holds value. In addition, her entire process is carefully documented in a book, fully made and published by Post herself.


Around the World at WantedDesign
Ventura New York -  The Dutch Edition - The Netherlands

Margriet Vollenberg
Founder and Art Director Ventura Projects.


Around the World at WantedDesign

A Few Good Things – New Designs from Norway

“At a time when all have too much stuff, we need to rethink our approach to design.”
Paul Makovsky - curator

Anderssen and Voll presented sculptural cast-iron Ildhane candleholders and intricate Una blankets, produced in collaboration with Roros Tweed.

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A Few Good Things – New Designs from Norway

Sara Skotte presented Vei ceramic tableware, designed to enhance the sensory experience of eating, and Dialog, a collection of vases in different materials.


Around the World at WantedDesign

A Few Good Things – New Designs from Norway

Lars Beller Fjetland and Norway’s oldest silverware producer Theodor Olsen solvvareverksted have created Monstera, a cold-forged cutlery range inspired 1950s design.

Around the World at WantedDesign

Brooklyn New York – USA

Justin Donnelly – Wave

Wave is a modular shelving system that invites users to create a customized Wave to showcase their unqiue belongings in a variety of different spaces and configurations. Justin Donnelly produces architectural designs that are inspired by geometry and driven by industrial manufacturing processes.

 Around the World at WantedDesign

Los Angeles - USA

Jooghii – French Touch

“The chair is as vibrant and mesmerizing as the combination of uplifting disco samples and heavy filters used in tracks during the heyday of the French house musical genre.”
Juliette Mutzke-Felippelli - designer

French Touch is an art chair inspired by French house music during the 1990’s, paying homage to experimental artists like Daft Punk, Cassius and Etienne de Crecy. Designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, the French Touch is composed of dichroic film applied to CNC-cut acrylic and is connected by steel bolts. Naturally interactive with light, the dichroic application is combined with puzzle-like lap joints as part of a conceptual demonstration of the way tracks during the period were produced by combining disco samples with filters to create it's distinctive sound. The construction of the chair allows a luminous color spectrum to reveal itself at every angle.

Around the World at WantedDesign

Mariem Besbes – Tunisia
Textile designer Mariem Besbes presented The Sarj Collection, a series of seats combining traditional technics of weaving, knotting and twisting threads with industrial metallic structures. Inspired by Nomadic horse saddles originating from North Africa, the project is titled ‘Sarj’- the word for ‘Saddlery’ in Arabic.

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The Whole Element – Poland

“The form of ESW furniture is a naturalistic study of a specific quartzite rock I have found in a forest.”
Anna Bera - designer

The aim of the project was to create a functional piece of furntirue bringing a fragment of natural landscape indoors. Due to its dynamic nature, the irregular solid, inspired by the trigonal crystal system, changes completely its visual aspect depending on light and perspective.

Around the World at WantedDesign

Espina Corona – Argentina

Probably the plural formation and global observation capacity gave the Argentinean brand Espina Corona a way of synthesis. The same as expressed in the furniture, highlighting the simplicity of the material, the nobility of wood. Espina Corona arose two years ago, with the idea to value the typical woods of South America
Above.  the Kangoro Armchair designed by Marcelo Orlievsky.



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