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#MDW2019 - Seen in Milan – Design – Designers + More – FIVE: Tom Dixon – Arabeschi di Latte - Fornasetti – Loewe - Yasuta Veneer

#MDW2019 – FIVE
Seen in Milan – Design – Designers + More

The Manzoni – Tom Dixon
Bar – Restaurant – Showroom
On Via Manzoni and aptly named The Manzoni, the new 100-cover restaurant has been created by Tom’s Design Research Studio. Pre-Opening to coincide with Milan Design Week, it will re-open after Salone as a permanent restaurant, bar and a showroom.

“Just like in London, we don’t think it’s enough to just have a showroom. We need a place where people slow down and experience our products in a live setting. And, there is nothing dustier than a conventional lighting and furniture showroom. But with The Manzoni, people are able to experience our new collections in an active context.”
Tom Dixon 

 The Manzoni
 Arabeschi di Latte – Francesca Sarti

The Manzoni – Tom Dixon
Outdoor Courtyard

The Manzoni – Tom Dixon
The Bathrooms

New Rug Collection
Art Director – Barnaba Fornasetti

The protagonists of the many Fornasetti motifs inspired by nature include fish, shells, flowers, birds and butterflies. The large fish on the Lampuga rug is a decoration created by Piero Fornasetti in the early Fifties, reworked here in a faithful transposition in wool and silk.
Lampuga - Rug
Hand tufted, New Zealand wool and delicate silk

New Rug Collection
The snake decoration, originally named Serpe, is part of Piero Fornasetti's output from the Fifties. The new rug presents it in a mesmerising mixture with a background of leaves, a theme borrowed from The Leopardo chest of drawers, designed in the Fifties and become one of the iconic Fornasetti pieces.
Peccato Originale - Rug
Hand tufted, New Zealand wool and delicate silk

New Rug Collection
The Optical rug reinterprets an original Fifties decoration by Piero Fornasetti known as Geometrico. The abstract compositions and overlapping geometries, so dense as to become textures, highlight Piero Fornasetti's love of line drawings, and his fascination with rhythm and repetition. From the alternation between full and empty spaces emerges the representation of a sun, also in black and white, a symbolic image in Fornasetti's work.
Optical - Rug
Hand tufted, 100% New Zealand wool

Author - Edgarda Ferri

Loewe Boutique
Loewe Baskets
Loewe Baskets, eight prominent international artists interpret the theme of basketry. The artists from Japan, the US, South Korea, Ireland and South Africa, share a deep knowledge of their disciplines and bring their own distinct style to the project.

Loewe Boutique
Objects and Decoration
Homeware collection includes wooden Kiribako boxes, used in Japan since the seventeenth century for the safe-keeping of valuables, mementoes and precious items. Knotted stone ornaments, that invite quiet contemplation, peace and serenity, have been tied using traditional Japanese basket making techniques to achieve a finely balanced accord between the crafted and natural elements.

Author – Giovanni Mastrangelo

Yasuto Veneered - Surfaces and Design
Large-format paintings by Master Shuhei Matsuyama are presented together with the creations produced by Yasuta Veneered Surfaces and Design, highlighting the quality and beauty of the natural wood veneers as material used and worked by the company.

 Artist - Shuhei Matsuyama - Architect - Nobuhiko Shimada

Yasuto Veneered - Surfaces and Design
Artist - Flaminia Veronesi
Janus Bust

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Monday, April 29, 2019

#MDW2019 - Seen in Milan – Design – Designers + More – FOUR: Nemozena - Foggini – Kvadrat – Raf Simons – Nilufar – Matteo Thun - Memphis – Hermes – Rochelle Canteen

#MDW2019 – FOUR
Seen in Milan – Design – Designers + More


Piazza Belgioioso – Casa di Alessandro Manzoni
Nemozena - Presents
Liz West – Aglow – 2018 – Installation

Galleria Post Design
Memphis Post Design – Exhibition
Curator – Matteo Thun – Favorite Pieces - From Now and Yesterday
Designer - Ettore Sottsass - Vases

President Memphis Milano - Alberto Bianchi Albrici

Vitale Barberis Canonico - Showroom
Jacopo Foggini – Contatto – Exhibition
Artist - Jacopo Foggini – Vases - synthetic glass

 Gallerist - Antonia Jannone and Viola Vergani

Garage 21
Kvadrat/Raf Simons  
No Man’s Land - Textile Collection
Kvadrat/Raf Simons celebrated the launch of its 6th collection with the installation - No Man’s Land

Raf Simons

 “I was fascinated by how the colouration and weaving processes
in fashion textiles don’t have the same limitations as those of furnishing textiles. Working with Kvadrat, we’ve been translating the subtle colouration and texture that you’d find perhaps in a tweed or bouclé into textiles suitable for use in furniture. Because of the dense weave that is needed for furniture, the colouration becomes even more interesting, with almost a painterly impact.”
Raf Simons

Kvadrat/Raf Simons  
 Rochelle Canteen - pop up restaurant
The London Rochelle Canteen held a week-long residency during Milan Design Week at Garage 21 during the Kvadrat/RafSimons textile installation, serving breakfast, lunch and tea.
Ben Coombes, Ewan Farmer, Corrado Calza, Lulu Cox, Jake Simpson and Margot Henderson

Piano Nobile – Installation
Designers - Michael Anastassiades, Martino Gamper and Brigitte Niedermair
In collaboration with Dedar

Nilufar 25 - Space
Designer - Bethan Laura Wood – Details  

Matteo Thun Atelier - Nudes – Reduce to the Max
CH - Seating collection
Producers - Fratelli Levaggi

Four chairs encapsulating lightness, purity and timelessness. Each 100% handmade by a family in a Ligurian fishing village.  

  La Pelota
Hermes – Hermes Home Universe

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