Thursday, March 30, 2017

London Now: Alan Cristea Gallery - Gillian Ayres: Paintings and Woodcuts Exhibition

 “A good painting is a number of colored marks, made by hand, brush or roller, across a at surface, so that later a viewer can absorb emotional and intellectual energy from it. A good, or great, painter is simply a hard-working individual who has, over a period of time, produced many good paintings. By this reckoning, Gillian Ayres has to be one of our nest.”
Andrew Marr - 2016
London Now: Alan Cristea Gallery - Gillian Ayres: Paintings and Woodcuts Exhibition. At the Alan Cristea Gallery in  Pall Mall the exhibition Gillian Ayres: Paintings and Woodcuts, until April 22. Gillian Ayres RA CBE is one of Britain’s most respected and best-loved post-war artists and a pioneer of abstract painting. Unconventional in life and in work, Ayres, who turned eighty-seven in February, continues to forge her own individual path regardless of fashion or opinion.  Never before seen early paintings are shown alongside the monumental painting (above), Untitled (Cerise), 1972, displayed for the first time since being made, it is a rare example of a surviving painting from this period. Ayres pinned the canvas to the wall of her attic, which stretched the length of her house in South London. Thick acrylic was laid on top of the canvas and swept down, to end in runs and dribbles. Gestural work on such a vast scale was reminiscent of European Tachiste painting and American Abstract Expressionism.  To coincide with the exhibition, Art/ Books, in conjunction with the Alan Cristea Gallery published the definitive monograph on Ayres, written by Martin Gayford and David Cleaton-Roberts of the Alan Cristea Gallery, with a foreword by Andrew Marr, spanning six decades of the artists career.

Gillian Ayres: Paintings and Woodcuts

Not wishing to conform or to be categorized in anyway, Ayres has adopted a variety of styles and techniques throughout her career. These early works are shown alongside new paintings, dating from 2016, which use thick applied oil paint to create clear and defined edges and shapes, and a recently completed body of woodcut prints, works produced by an artist at the height of her powers and that are exuberant, vigorous and full of color and energy.

  Photo credit FXP Photography, London

Gillian Ayres – Exhibitions 2017

Gillian Ayres - National Museum Cardiff  - Wales

8 April - 3 September
The largest exhibition of Gillian Ayres’ works to date presents paintings and works on paper from 1950s to 1980s, offering a unique insight into the untold story of the influence of Wales on Ayres’ life and work.
Gillian Ayres - Tremenheere Sculpture Garden - Penzance
1 April – 7 May
A solo exhibition of new prints and sculpture curated by David Cleaton-Roberts and Helen Waters of the Alan Cristea Gallery.
Royal Academy Arts - London
London Original Print Fair - Gillian Ayres
4 - 7 May 2017
The Alan Cristea Gallery will dedicate their booth to new prints by Gillian Ayres and Cornelia Parker.

  Photo credit FXP Photography, London

Gillian Ayres: Paintings and Woodcuts


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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

London Now: Duro Olowu Boutique

London Now: Duro Olowu Boutique

You just don’t stumble on Duro Olowu’s boutique, it is a “secret" destination, tucked in Masons Yard, St James’s, this tiny colorful eclectic treasure trove is full, not only of Duro’s clothes and textiles but also curiosities, jewelry, books, cushions and art.

Duro Olowu is a Nigerian-born, London-based fashion designer. He is best known for his innovative combinations of patterns and textiles that draw inspiration from his international background.  Much loved by such clients as: Michelle Obama, Solange Knowles, and Iris Apfel. In 2005 he won "New Designer of the Year" at the British Fashion Awards, the first designer in history to win without ever showing a runway presentation.

Duro Olowu - Making and Un Making

Exhibition catalogue
The catalogue for the exhibition Duro Olowu - Making and Un Making, curated by celebrated fashion designer/curator Duro Olowu at the Camden Arts Centre the exhibition explored the rituals of making that underpin an artists work, from Bauhaus jewelry and West African textiles to contemporary portraiture and sculpture.

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Party Pictures - Missoni After Fashion Show Dinner Party

Party Pictures - Missoni After Fashion Show Dinner Party. The Missoni after  fashion show dinner party was held in the charming loft space of catering company Mari and Co. The rooms were joyfully “styled” with Missoni Home plates, cushions, sofas and prints. To greet guest a big table of artistically composed vegetable dishes arranged on small white porcelain plates ‘food for the eyes’ and delicious as well.

Carlo Capasa and Angela Missoni

Rosita Missoni and Eduoardo Geulfenbien

Stefano Tonchi and JJ Martin

Servane Giol

Bruno Ragazzi and Giorgio Guidotti


Tomas Than and Warly Tomei

The Cheeses

Mari and Co’s Marinella Rossi

Waiter’s uniforms are stored in linen garment bags

Micol Sabbadini, Rosanna Orlandi, Carla Vanni and Rosita Missoni

Patrick Kinmonth, Angela Mariani and Antonio Monfreda

Missoni Home 

Pas Leccese


Simon and Caroline Burstein

Laura Panno

Nori vaccari Starck, Alan Journo and Michela Moro

Pino Pipoli

Bruno Ragazzi and Jane da Mosto

Gerlinde Geulfenbein Hobel

Margherita Ranocchia and Vivetta Ponti

Uberta Zambeletti and Fausto Puglisi

We Drank
Bosco del Merlo Prosecco

Markus Ebner and Nicole Phelps

Luca Modigliani, Gentucca Bini and Giudo Taroni


Tom Schevelin and Oona Chanel


Carla Vanni and Natasha Pearlman


Sanchita Ajjampur

The Courtyard




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