Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Milan: – Brera – L’Oro dei Farlocchi

Milan: Brera – L’Oro dei Farlocchi.  The best curiosity antique shop in Milan, L'Oro dei Farlocchi,  has moved to Via del Carmine 11, just a few steps from it’s historic location in Via Madonnina.  The wunder kammer’s Maurizio Epifani, taste-maker par excellance, eccentric, Milanese gentleman, doesn’t stop to amaze with his fascination for all things unusual, beautiful baroque and playful.  Whether they be animals, insects, toys, trompe l’oeil vegetables, they must all be elegant … and he doesn’t forget to… add a pinch of kitsch, the perfect formula to his designs.

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Milan: Furniture Fair – Istituto dei Ciechi - Wonderglass and Established and Sons

Istituto dei Ciechi:  Wonderglass.  Revealing three ambitious new designs set in a beautiful Italian palazzo, experimental lighting design studio Wonderglass celebrates its first anniversary at the Salone del Mobile. Wonderglass has continued to draw on the time-honoured expertise of Venetian master glassblowers, introducing a contemporary approach with the collaboration of artists and designers of international renown, and the most advanced research in lighting technology.
Above. John Pawson – Sleeve. Pawson’s design sets one hand-blown glass cylinder within another, the outer cylinder flaring into a refined disc lip at its lower edge. The lamp casts light downwards, but its clear body also glows along its entire length.

Wonderglass: Nao Tamura – Flow(T). ‘Flow[T]‘ is a contemporary chandelier inspired by the colors of the Venetian lagoon and customized to the desires of each owner. Each piece enjoys its own shape, and in multiples, they create a sculptural display of lighting.

Istituto dei Ciechi: Established and Sons:  Established  and Sons celebrates a decade of design with new collaborations from the worlds of fashion, art and architecture.
Above. Delphine and Reed Krakoff – Felt Series.  The archetypical furniture forms reinvented in soft felt, have beautifully considered stitch detailing.  As with any fashion classic form, elegance and style remain constant.

Established and Sons: Philippe Malouin – Mollo. Composed entirely of foam, the Mollo armchair designed by Philippe Malouin simple form provides exceptional comfort using exaggerated stitches to delineate the sear, arms and backrest.

Established and Sons:  Tord Boonjte – Buzz lamp.  The pendant lamp has a hanging honeycomb structure made with perforated brass to form a beehive that radiates a dramatic silhouette.
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Monday, April 28, 2014

Milan: Furniture Fair – Vionnet Rosanna Orlandi party

Milan: Furniture Fair – Vionnet Rosanna Orlandi party.  The Vionnet party at the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum, showcased and exhibition called Untold and was curated by Rosanna Orlandi, it was one of the best parties of the Furniture Fair.   Untold defines a path within the museum revealing intervals and proximities between the world of today and the authority of history. One piece by one designer or a contemporary artist were placed in each room, creating a soft tension with the existing environment. At the center of this magnificent trip was the impressive installation created by Jacopo Foggini for Vionnet, an accumulation signs hanging from the ceiling.

Piergiorgio Robino, Vionnet’s Goga Ashkenazi and Jacopo Foggini

Guido Brugnoni and curator Rossana Orlandi


Untold: Studio Formafantasma for Lobmeyer – Still, tools for purification, 
charcoal, crystal and copper shaped to enjoy the most valuable drink: pure water.

  Erika Barbieri, Henrik Olsson with Formafantasma’s Andrea Trimarchi  and Simone Farresin

Untold: Carlo Bach – Cupboard installation. “The aphorism of Saint Augustin has been coming along with me all the time in my life, because it perfectly expresses the difficulty of explaining the time with words. If you substitute the word “time” with the concept of “art” it works the same very well! Words are not my media. That ́s why I chose “sand” with all its intrinsic characteristics as a medium to investigate a theme that I have been loving for all my life. Absolute and parallel syntheses of my work is the poetry “View with a grain of sand” by Wislawa Szymborska”. Bach explains.
 Ron Arad
Untold: Nacho Carbonell – Cumulus.  Detail of the chair. The chair shows the feeling of being “under pressure” from society, families, business and even yourself. 
Nacho Carbonell and Tatiana  Uzlova

 Untold: Nika Zupanc in collaboration with Dormeo – Love Me More. The Forever Bed is inspired by both, beds that can be folded into cabinets, and cabinets with locks.
Emmanuel Babled
Matteo Cibic
Untold: Wonmin Park – Bloom Chair
Antonio Monfreda and Ivan Olita
Photograph courtesy Jamesplumb

Untold: Jamesplumb – Cupboard Steps. Fragment of  a medieval oak spiral staircase and a Georgian corner cupboard. 
“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.”
 Albert Einstein.
 James Russell and Hannah Plumb’s latest assemblage is one that defies typical description or explanation, and is best understood with the knowledge that at the heart of their work there lies an intuitive ‘coupling’ or ‘marrying’ of objects.
Jamesplumb - James Russell and Hannah Plumb
Lisa Corti
JJ Martin, Tom Delavan and Tom Dixon
Maurizio Galante
Untold: Salvador Dali produced by BD Barcelona – Xai Lamb. This project is a hallmark on the long tradition of BD’s reproductions of Salvador Dali’s furniture that started with the sofa in the form of lips.
Untold: Desiree Von Pelt and Maliah Von Pelt with Desiree’s Crystal Myth Collection – Better Than the Real Thing.  Photographed with The Basalt Columns. 
The natural wonder and the fracture of the dark basalt columns on the Irish coast have been the spark to create the three piece installation.
 From the austere hexagonal pieces, arises an eruption of volcanic ash and light. Like molten magma, gorgeous lava light beams from within the core.

Tlyer Hays and Uberta Zambeletti


Untold: Marcel Wanders – Delft Blue Tattoed Arms. Designed for world-renown Dutch pianist Iris Hond, ‘Fragile Fingers on a Grand Piano’ carries Wanders personal design signatures of play, poetry and fantasy. Whilst performing, Iris Hond’s hands and arms tattoo symbolize and spread Dutch tradition and beauty to all corners of the world.

  Yuki Tintori with Baciamano chair designed by Nigel Coates and Barnaba Fornasetti.
Marc Hostier and Lorenzo Montagna

Renata Rehbinder

Marta Marzotto
Untold: Maarten Baas for Carpenters Workshop. Detail of Grandmother Clock.
 Fabio Bellotti, Daniela Morera and Tom Delavan
Jordan Stone
Untold: Enrico Marone Cinzano. “I continue my approach the theme of sustainability defining it with products that are aesthetic, well crafted and conscious. I attain my scope by using universal rules, like the Fibonacci Sequence, the Golden Rule, age old wisdom and the utilization of raw materials recognized through times as beneficial to our health and respectful of Nature. A beautiful, well made and thought through product will serve its purpose and last longer”.
 Gelena Azizbek, Giovanni Nassi and Paola Donida Maglio
Martino Gamper parks his bike.

Florist and landscape gardener Sachiko Ito makes a nature morte with fruits on the well of the courtyard of the Museum Bagatti Valsecchi.


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