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Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore - Le Stanze della Fotografia - Patrick Mimran - Out of Focus

"Let's take it further, ready when you are."

Le Stanze della Fotografia  
Patrick Mimran - Out of Focus

On the first floor of Le Stanze della Fotografia - until August 11 - multidisciplinary artist - Patrick Mimran - Out of Focus - exhibition.  Mimran's photography project, challenges traditional perceptions of reality through dreamlike imagery that blurs the line between reality and fiction. Drawing inspiration from mythology and employing technological manipulation, he creates abstract, surreal visions that evoke the unconscious and suspense, inviting continuous dialogue and interpretation - the images challenge conventional photographic norms, encouraging viewers to explore the boundaries of perception and imagination.

In tandem with monumental monochromatic works, Patrick Mimran presents small-scale images that encapsulate the essence of his installations. Placed in unconventional settings like home bathrooms or cramped refrigerator shelves, these juxtapositions challenge narrative expectations, diverging from conventional content transmission. Mimran's integration of color into predominantly black and white environments echoes Saul Leiter's portrayal of New York in the mid-20th century, signaling a yearning for intimacy reflected in his pictorial gaze.

photograph - Andreas Bahrdt - courtesy Patrick Mimran

Multidisciplinary artist Patrick Mimran was born in Paris in 1956 and currently divides his time between Switzerland and the United States. He has primarily developed his work in the fields of visual arts and music. His paintings have been showcased in prestigious public and private spaces worldwide.   Since the 1990s, he has embarked on various multimedia installation projects involving music, video, and photography.  In 2001, Mimran launched his Billboard Project in New York's Chelsea neighborhood, featuring various aphoristic reflections on art, which he continued in Europe, including Venice, Rome, Bologna, and Moscow.
Slightly Out of Focus - Patrick Mimran

photograph courtesy Patrick Mimran + Le Stanze della Fotografia

Mimran's Out of Focus project draws inspiration from cinema noir, exploring a mythological dualism where man and woman represent facets of a single organism. Through technological manipulation, Mimran aims to heal the rift between imagination and realization, offering distorted images that challenge conventional aesthetics. His works dwell in the realm of the unconscious, inviting viewers to decipher their ambiguity. Mimran's approach mirrors that of a contemporary shaman, delving into the essence beyond matter
Patrick Mimran - 
Untitled - 140x105 cm - 2023
 ChromaLuxe Thermo Metal Prints reinforced with Alu-Dibond

"I've contemplated the photographic medium extensively throughout my journey and especially in creating this series...Photography is paradoxical—it's viewed as the medium for depicting reality objectively, yet interpretations of  - objective reality - vary greatly. Some prefer black and white for its artistic representation, while others advocate for color. The same debate exists between digital and analog photography. Personally, I'm not interested in objective reality. I prefer to envision things as I imagine them or would like them to be."

Patrick Mimran 

Patrizia Cortiana and
 Denis Curti

Mimran's visions delve into the essence of the human condition, balancing harmony and chaos. They capture fleeting moments and gestures, inviting viewers to engage with them as traces of existence, much like Duane Michals' enigmatic narratives. Instinct guides Mimran's photographic journey more than reason, as he pays tribute to life's encompassing and jolting experiences.These images transcend documentary constraints, leaving indelible imprints on the mind, evoking a succession of emotions that ultimately lead viewers into the labyrinth of doubt.

Patrick Mimran - Out of Focus

Alessandra de Bigontina, Patrick Mimran and Emanuela Bassetti

Patrick Mimran - Out of Focus

Adapted Text 
Leggermente Fuori Fuoco 
Denis Curti  
Artistic Director Le Stanze della Fotografia



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Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore - Le Stanze del Vetro - 1912-1930 Murano Glass and the Venice Biennale - Party Photos

 Le Stanze del Vetro 
1912-1930 Murano Glass and the Venice Biennale

A big congratulations goes to Marino Barovier for curating his thirteenth exhibition at Le Stanze del Vetro. His new exhibition 1912-1930 Murano Glass and the Venice Biennale - until November 24 -  it is dedicated to the presence of Murano glass at the prestigious Venetian event, examining the period from 1912 to 1930 - from the 10th to the 17th edition of the Biennale - through a carefully chosen selection of 135 works, many of which very rare, from prestigious museums and private collections.
Marino Barovier

V.S.M. Venini e C. - Napoleone Martinuzzi - 1928c.

Alba Di Vietro, Marino Barovier, David Landau and Paola Marini

During this period, Murano glass gradually made its way into the Biennale spaces; first, through the artists choosing to use this extraordinary material for their works, then thanks to the opening of the Applied Arts event which was held in various rooms, together with the so-called Fine Arts, in the Palazzo dell’Esposizione until 1930. It was not until 1932, following the construction of a new pavilion, that glass and the applied arts had their own dedicated venue in the Giardini.
Display Case featuring works exhibited by Hans St. Leche
10th Venice Biennale - 1912 -Photograph - Filippi - Venezia - 1912

Hans St. Leche - produced by - Fratelli Toso - 1911-1912

Rosi Kahane

Hans St. Leche - produced by - Fratelli Toso - 1912-14

Collector Martin Kline and Alessandra Zoppi
Hans St. Leche - produced by - Fratelli Toso - 1912-14

The exhibition 1912-1930 Murano Glass and the Venice Biennale is accompanied by a catalogue curated by Marino Barovier and Carla Sonego - above - the result of careful bibliographic research and an in-depth documentary investigation in the Biennale Historical Archive.
Carla Sonego and Giorgio Vigna

France Thierard 
Umberto Bellotto - produced by - Vetreria Artistica  Bariovier - 1920-22

Andrew Huston, Karole Vail, Gibi Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga 
Servane Giol

Sigrid de Montrond
Vittorio Zecchin - panel from - One thousand and One Nights - 1913-1914
Vittorio Zecchin - produced by - Artisti Barovier - 1913-14

Clara and Alma Zevi

Antonia Miletto and Teo

Umberto Bellotto - produced by - Vetreria Artistica Barovier - 1924c.

V.S.M. Cappellin Venini e C. - Vittorio Zecchin - 1921-1924

Roberta Rossi, Giovanni Giol, Jane da Mosto 
Bianca Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga, Francesco da Mosto 
Rosa Barovier Mentasti

Federica Marangoni, Maria and Giacomo Ivanchich

V.S.M. Cappellin Venini e C.  - Vittorio Zecchin - 1921-22

Camilla Purdon and Jean Blanchaert

Pierre Rosenberg and Giordana Naccari
V.S.M. Cappellin Venini e C.  - Vittorio Zecchin - 1921-22

V.S.M. Cappellin Venini e C.  - Napoleone Martinuzzi - 1925-26

Marco Arosio  

V.S.M. Cappellin Venini e C.  - Napoleone Martinuzzi - 1928

Antonio and Anna Dei Rossi
V.S.M. Cappellin Venini e C.  - Napoleone Martinuzzi - 1930

Fratelli Barovier - Vetreria Artistica Barovier - 1928

Omri Revesz
Fratelli Barovier - Vetreria Artistica Barovier - 1928

Tracey Snelling

Melba Ruffo and  Massimo Losio
V.S.M.Venini e C. - Napoleone Martinuzzi - 1926-29

Aud Cuniberti and Veronica Marzotto

Gianfelice Rocca and Martina Fiocchi

V.S.M.Venini e C. - Napoleone Martinuzzi - 1930

Giovanni Bonotto and Renata Codello

Fratelli Barovier - Vetreria Artistica Barovier - 1929-30

Emanuela Bastianello and Michael Craig-Martin

Lunch was served in the Palladian courtyard of the Basilica di San Giorgio

Silvia Dianese, Giovanni and Servane Giol, Stefano Gris, 
Massimo and Margherita Micheluzzi

Olga Spanio di Spilimbergo, Adalberto Cremonesi and Carolina Valmarana

Lisa Hilton, Erik Hannikainen and Camilla Purdon

Caterina Tognon and Maria Grazia Rosin

Giorgio Vigna and Daniela Ferretti

Alessandro Zoppi

Flavia Fossa Margutti and Debora Rossi

Elisabetta Barisoni and Cristina Beltrami

Roberto De Feo, Giacomo Zamprogno, Lorenzo Curato and Gianni De Michelis

Domitilla Harding, Emanuela Bassetti and Karla Otto

Caterina Zangrando

Chicca Lanfranchi, Adele Re Rebaudengo, Donata Grimani and Silvia Dianese

Herwig Egon Casadoro-Kopp

Rosi Kahane, Maddalena Kind, Paola Piglia, David Landau
Susan Waxman

Beatrice and Bruno Racine

Victoria Diaz de Santillana, Pamela Berry and Michele Benzoni

Prospero Graf von Oppersdorff and Marta Sforni

Gisella and Matilde Gambier

Giulio Malinverni

A corner of the Courtyard


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