Thursday, October 27, 2016

Milano: New Fornasetti Store - Opening Party

“Imagination, fantasy and creativity are irrepressible food for the soul and for the spirit: it is a duty for those who have them to give them to others, and in this way fantasy invokes fantasy and poetry invites poetry for everyone, all the time”.
Piero Fornasetti

Milano: New Fornasetti Store - Opening Party. Right in the historical heart of Milan, hometown of Piero and Barnaba Fornasetti, the new Fornasetti mono brand store opens on Corso Venezia in the Neoclassical-style building that hosted the young Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, poet and writer, founder of the Futurism movement, where he started “Poesia” magazine in 1905.
Above. Barnaba Fornasetti is photographed in one of the many rooms of the three-story store in front of the pannelli “Notte Fornasettiana”. Each room is painted with a different colour highlighting its contents like a treasure chest.

Tema e Variazioni
Self Portrait
Piero Fornasetti

Paola Manfrin

Light Sculpture - Jacopo Foggini

Jacopo Foggini

  Fornasetti Store

Table Posateria oro on Malachite, tray Malachite, sofa Combacio Malachite, cube Malachite and Malachite wallpaper Fornasetti for Cole and Son.

Caroline Corbetta and Pasquale Leccese

Christoph Radl and Luisa delle Piane


Yuki Tintori, Alan Journo and Michela Moro


Tema e Variazioni

  Romeo Gigli, Daniela Morrera, Bebetta Campeti and Lara Aragno

Warly Tomei


Fornasetti Store
 Sideboard Città che si Rispecchia and Architettura mirror
Midtown  - 2013 - sculpture – Fausto Salvi

Fausto Salvi, Marva Griffin and Carmine Catacchoio

Xena Zupanic


Pesce – 2016 - Hugh Findlater


IL Dissoluto Punito


Don Giovanni

Milan:  Teatro dell’Arte – Triennale di Milano – December 1 and 3 Florence: Teatro Della Pergole – January 10-12-13


Soprano Raffaella Milanesi sang arias from Don Giovanni

Fornasetti is engaged in the production of Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni, directed by Davide Montagna. The Silete Venti! orchestra will be conducted by Simone Toni and will be playing 30 period instruments. Sets are a modern re-interpretation by Barnaba Fornasetti, from the Fornasetti archives, the costumes by Romeo Gigli, lights by Gigi Saccomandi with artistic direction of Valeria Manzi and Roberto Coppolecchia.


Jorg Badura and Toni Meneguzzo

Annamaria Sbisa
Armchair - Baciamano Entomologia  
Nigel Coates and Barnaba Fornasetti


Tema e Variazioni

Blaise Hamon and Inga Savits
Carpet – Bacio

Gentucca Bini

Ottavia Tolentino and Liborio Capizzi


Giulia Curra

Valeria Manzi and Barnaba Fornasetti


Tema e Variazioni
A Fornasetti object is not a simple object: it tells “a little story, sometimes funny, wordless of course, but audible to those believe in poetry.
Piero Fornasetti

Elisa Giovannoni and Marialaura Rossiello

Arthur Arbesser and Julia Nijs

Matare Sylla and Amadou Amar

We Drank
Fornasetti white wine
Tray Viso – Screen Scaletta

  Donatella Pellini and Nadine d’Archemont

  Fornasetti Store
Corso Venezia – Via Senato


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