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Murano: The Winner - Bonhams Prize for The Venice Glass Week - Fondazione Berengo - Unbreakable - Women in Glass


The Winner

Bonhams Prize for The Venice Glass Week

Fondazione Berengo - Unbreakable - Women in Glass


The second edition of the Bonhams Prize, consisting of a cash prize of 1,000.00 Euro, was awarded to Unbreakable: Women in Glass, conceived and promoted by the Berengo Foundation. The exhibition, curated by Nadja Romain and Koen Vanmechelen, is open to the public - until January 7 - at the headquarters of the Berengo Foundation in Murano.


Karen Lamonte – Reclinging Nocturne 4 - 2018


Adriano Berengo – co-curator Nadja Romain and Jean Blanchaert curator and member of the Curatorial Committee of The Venice Glass Week


Fondazione Berengo - Unbreakable - Women in Glass



Unbreakable: Women in Glass is the celebration of the 64 female artists Berengo Studio has had the honor to collaborate with during its 30-year history. Among the reasons behind the award, the jury cited the originality of the project, conceived and realized specifically for the occasion of The Venice Glass Week Festival, its strong exhibition concept, which is founded on the consideration that, although the art of glass has historically been dominated by men, over time more and more women have decided to engage with the infinite creative possibilities of the material. It has generally been female artists who have most often pushed the Maestri of Studio Berengo to experiment with innovative techniques and try to redefine the limits associated with glass making. In a historical moment in which female artists, despite the progress achieved in recent years, continue to fight for their full recognition, the Berengo Foundation intends to honor their indestructible spirit.


Rina Banerjee – In The Darkest Blossom Was A Mythical Beast, Mythical  2013



Monica Bonvicini - In My Hand – 2019



Rosemarie Benedikt – Corona Crisolino Green – 2020



Meekyoung Shin – Above: Translation – 2013



Tracy Emin – Docket - 2013



Maria Grazia Rosin – Series: Ice Virux – 2009-2020



Oksana Mas – Quantum Prayer – 2013



Cornelia Parker – Black Window – 2013



Nancy Burson – DNA Has No Color – 2019


Shirazeh Houshiary – Flicker – 2016



Denise Milan – Earth Banquet – 2018



Federica Marangoni – Work Moment to the Female Job – 2020


Joana Vasconcelos – Babylon – 2013



Adriano Berengo and Patty Spadafora



Liliana Moro – La Spada Nella Rocca – 2019 


Marya Kazoun – Wondering Stars – 2020



Marion Borgelt – Venetian Tsukimi – 2007


Edward Smith


Valeska Soares – Acqua Alta – 2019





Alice Anderson – Crystal Time Units - 2013



 Luciano Gambero


Patricia Urquiola – All Ambro – 2011



Marta Klonowska – Galago – After Original Copper Engraving 1770 - 2015



Elena Casadoro and Herwig Kopp


Marie-Louise Ekman – The Transparent Family – 2007-2011



Lucy Orta – Masking – 2020



 Federica Marangoni and Maria Grazia Rosin



 Lolita Timofeeva – Opus – 2020


The 64 Women Artists


Diana Al-Hadid (Syria), Monira Al Qadiri (Kuwait), Maria Thereza Alves (Brazil), Alice Anderson (UK), Polly Apfelbaum (USA), Elvira Bach (Germany), Patricia Bagniewski (Brazil), Rina Banerjee (India), Fiona Banner (UK), Rosemarie Benedikt (Austria), Pieke Bergmans (Netherlands), Renate Bertlmann (Austria), Monica Bonvicini (Italy), Marion Borgelt (Australia), Enrica Borghi (Italy), Nancy Burson (USA), Penny Byrne (Australia), Judy Chicago (USA), Petah Coyne (USA), Erin Dickson (UK), Chiara Dynys (Italy), Marie-Louise Ekman (Sweden), Tracey Emin (UK), Josepha Gasch-Muche (Germany), Gerda Gruber (Austria), Charlotte Gyllenhammar (Sweden), Charlotte Hodes (UK), Shirazeh Houshiary (Iran), Ursula Huber (Italy), Marya Kazoun (Lebanon/Canada), Marta Klonowska (Poland), Kiki Kogelnik (Austria), Brigitte Kowanz (Austria), Karen LaMonte (USA), Silvia Levenson (Argentina), Federica Marangoni (Italy), Oksana Mas (Ukraine), Kate MccGwire (UK), Denise Milan (Brazil), Liliana Moro (Italy), Prune Nourry (France), ORLAN (France), Lucy Orta (UK), Cornelia Parker (UK), Anne Peabody (USA), Sibylle Peretti (Germany), Laure Prouvost (France), Hye Rim Lee (South Korea), Maria Grazia Rosin (Italy), Yaşam Şaşmazer (Turkey), Joyce J. Scott (USA), Shan Shan Sheng (China), Meekyoung Shin (South Korea), Valeska Soares (Brazil), Ivana Šrámková (Czechia), Lolita Timofeeva (Latvia), Janaina Tschäpe (Germany), Patricia Urquiola (Spain), Kiki van Eijk (Netherlands), Joana Vasconcelos, (Portugal), Ursula von Rydingsvard (Germany), Sabine Wiedenhofer (Austria), Rose Wylie (UK), Yin Xiuzhen (China)




















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Friday, September 18, 2020

Venice: Bonhams Prize for The Venice Glass Week – Special Recognition Prize – Tristiano di Robilant – La finestra mi disse – Party Photos + Judi Harvest – Art and Honeybees in Time of Quarantine

Palazzo Contarini Polignac
Bonhams Prize for The Venice Glass Week
Special Recognition
Tristano di Robilant - La finestra mi disse
Curtator – Elisa Schaar

The jury of the Bonhams Prize for The Venice Glass Week awarded a Special Recogniton to the exhibition La finestra mi disse - The window says to me - by Tristano di Robilant and curated by Elisa Schaar at Palazzo Contarini Polignac which was deemed particularly interesting and emblematic of the spirit of The Venice Glass Week festival.

Tristano di Robilant – Soldato Innamorato – indaco

The exhibition of Tristano di Robilant was curated by Elisa Schaar for The Venice Glass Week 2020 in Palazzo Polignac it consisted of a group of seven glass sculptures created in Murano with the collaboration of the maestro glass blower Andrea Zilio. The title of the exhibition, a line taken from Marcel Proust, refers to a window in Venice that elicits in him strong emotional memories both of the city and of his beloved mother. The transparent glass sculptures - as window prisms - obliquely pay homage to the rich literary and musical history of Palazzo Polignac, and, on a more personal level, evoke memories of a summer spent there as a young boy in 1976.

Tristano di Robilant

Tristano di Robilant – Sunset Grand Couturier

Tristano di Robilant – Proust a Venezia

 Tristano di Robilant – Bikim de Montebello and Barbara Foscari
Rosa Barovier and Luca Mola

Allegra Hicks

Maria Novella dei Carraresi and Jean Blanchaert 

Alma Zevi 

Tristano di Robilant
Soldato Innamorato – ambra
Elijah’s Cloud

Mara Vieyra and Mimi Todhunter

Mark Smith, Pamela Berry and Ziva Kraus

 Guillaume de Croy
Maria Grazia Rosin and Sigrid de Montrond

 Tristano di Robilant - Proust a Venezia

 Beatrice Burati Anderson, Tristano di Robilant and Andrew Huston

Cat Bauer

 Valentina and Lorenzo Marangoni

 Suzanne Thun, David Landau and Rosy Kahane

Tristano di Robilant - Lettera da Bisanzio

Isabella Casa Palumbo Fossati

 Bikim de Montebello and Paolo Lorenzoni

 Valentina Marangoni, Chiara Gradella and Maria Novella dei Carraresi

Tristano di Robilant – Sei Capelli

Edmond a’ Venise
Judi Harvest
Art and Honeybees in Time of Quarantine

In the concept store Edmond a’ Venise on show one of a kind glassworks by American artist by Judi Harvest inspired by her Honey Garden and Honeybees on Murano these were presented alongside her 76 watercolors on pink handmade paper from Venice titled Art in the Time of Quarantine. This exhibition, while relating the viewer to these marvelous, spiritual creatures, also brings awareness to the endangered honeybees and Murano glass masters - two colonies of fragile, fundamental beauty. It is as much about our wild and precious lives as it is about the Honeybees. Like a honeycomb, everything is connected.

Giorgio Giuman and Judi Harvest

 Judi Harvest
Art and Honeybees in Time of Quarantine
76 watercolors on pink handmade Venetian paper 

Judi Harvest - Hive and Baby Drone
Murano glass - gold leaf - wire


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