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Venice - San Basilio: Fashion at IUAV 2016 BA+MA Graduation Shows – Backstage + Catwalk Gran Finale


Venice - San Basilio:  Fashion at IUAV 2016
 BA+MA Graduation Shows – Backstage + Catwalk
Gran Finale

The Gran Finale of the Fashion at Iuav series of events, organized by the Fashion/Design degree programs of the Universita Iuav di Venezia, at the end of the academic year, concluded with the BA and MA graduation fashion shows.  Suggestively they took place at sunset, on the university campus at San Basilio, in front of the Canale della Giudecca. Fashion at Iuav was included in the calendar of the 90 years celebrations of the Faculty of Architecture of the Universita Iuav di Venezia (1926-2016).
Above. In front of the Mulino Stucky a very unwanted gatecrasher, a Big Ship takes a peep on the show – and the designs of BA student; Tobia Cecchin.

Fashion at IUAV 2016 – FROW

Maria Luisa Frisa, curator, fashion historian, author and director of the degree program in Fashion/Design at Iuav greets guests Riccardo Vannetti, Cristina Manfredi and Cristiano Seganfreddo.

  All catwalk photographs by Margherita Luison – unless otherwise stated - courtesy IUAV
Fashion at IUAV 2016 – Catwalk+Backstage – BA

Alessandro Carpitella - IPERVISIBILISSIMO
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Alessandro Carpitella - IPERVISIBILISSIMO 

  Fashion at IUAV 2016 – Backstage – BA
Damiano Carrano - MIRANDA WHERE ARE YOU?
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Fashion at IUAV 2016 – Catwalk+Backstage – BA
Eva Suppressa - Alice
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Giulia Ciliberto, Alberto Ferlenga dean IUAV, and Ludovica Scarpa

Michele Trento, Carlo Magnani, dean emeritus IUAV
and Tolja Djokovic

Marino Folin, dean emeritus IUAV

Fashion at IUAV 2016 – Catwalk+Backstage – BA
Federico Folladore - NO WAVE

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Fashion at IUAV 2016 – Catwalk+Backstage – BA
Filippo Fiorenzato - 
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Fashion at IUAV 2016 – Catwalk+Backstage – BA
Francesca Danieli

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 Fashion at IUAV 2016 – Catwalk+Backstage – BA
Camilla Pareto - 

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Fashion at IUAV 2016 – Catwalk+Backstage – BA
Giorgia Bortolami - 
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Arthur Arbesser
Fashion at IUAV 2016 – Backstage – BA
Marc Benozzo Anna Piantella
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 Fashion at IUAV 2016 – Catwalk+Backstage – BA
Marco Spadon -
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photograph and copyright by Manfredi Bellati

Fashion at IUAV 2016 – FROW
Cesare De Michelis and Silvia Dainese

Fashion at IUAV 2016 – FROW
Emanuela Bassetti and Paola Giannini

Fashion at IUAV 2016 – FROW

Jacopo Jarach and Eloisa Reverie Vezzosi

Fashion at IUAV 2016 – Backstage – BA
Sofia Callegaro -TOY STORY
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Fashion at IUAV 2016 – Backstage – BA
Men’s Make-Up

  Finale photo by Mariano Barrientos – single by Margherita Luison – courtesy IUAV

Fashion at IUAV 2016 – Catwalk– BA
Tobia Cecchin
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Fashion at IUAV 2016 – Backstage – BA  
Fashion at IUAV 2016 – Backstage – MA

Alberto Furlan - ADAM, 57
“New York 12/06/2015. Adam, is sitting between 13th street and 5th avenue, a homeless guy, now middle-aged, or maybe not, who remembers. A shirt of AC/DC. It was his favorite shirt. Too broken, now, to be of use. He gives it to me, I take it. A tear here. I add a bit there.  It still rips.  I cut it. Iron it. Sew it again. Adam is happy. He looks at it now.  Tries it on again. He likes it. It is better, he says. A project that wants to give new life to what now is old, that stinks, and is perhaps forgotten. I go to  the Salvation Army store. Hunt among the garments. I choose different types. I cut them. I unpick them, again and again. I modify them. I watch them evolve: new bases. They’re the "Children Underground", a documentary on Romanian street children,  that live in basements, that influences me. The volumes grow, the sleeves get longer, the chains hook together. The cardboard pattern touches the body and then tears. It creates levels. Crops asymmetrical shapes: big, small, broken, but always consistent with each other. I feel at home.” @albertofurlan NJAL PROFILE /alberto-furlan

Fashion at IUAV 2016 – FROW

Maria Rotondo and Paul Loyrette

  Fashion at IUAV 2016 – FROW
Pamela Berry and Peggy Reimer

Fashion at IUAV 2016 – Backstage – MA

“When I was born the nurse said to my mother: "Madam, she has red hair." She was happy and at the same time incredulous. The nice thing about having red hair is just get out of that black-hole surprising everybody, all thanks to that recessive gene, which just happened surprisingly.  In my childhood, I always kept in a tin box, my hair cuttings:  they have always remained the same, despite the predictions of many. The strawberry blonde who thinks she is a redhead was born with the intent to give voice to my obsession with that red hair. One look is sufficient enough to understand that I am dealing with self-fiction, born after the confrontation with three girls from Iuav (Giovanna, Martina, Sara) who participated to the mood-boards discussions. My previous collections, were reconstructed, creating new shapes thanks to the sensitive eye of Giulia Agostini, creating new visual interpretations, new atmospheres. The unpredictable, images posted on Instagram by a young New York artist, India Salvor Menuez, also "suffering from red hair" have contributed to the development of the ideas in my collection, which have been enriched by details.” @lattealungaconservazione NJAL PROFILE /alessia-beraldin
Fashion at IUAV 2016 – Backstage
The two Maria’s and Katia

Fashion at IUAV 2016 – Backstage – MA

Noemi Grassi – MOTTAINAI

“The speed with which we do things will change our experiences around those same things. The twenty-first century is hectic. You need a slower approach to the creative process, which will helps us to find pleasure in doing and to give us the possibility to dedicate attention to all stages of design, from the choice of fabrics to the manufacturing of the clothes.  The inhabitants of a small village near Kyoto live surrounded by nature, creating clothes with what there is: cotton, hemp, dyeing plants. The ethical and aesthetic principles that move the collection, are Japanese summarized in the word mottainai, adversity and attention to the waste of resources, to labor and to everyday objects. I took ancient hemp sheets, retrieved from closets or small markets, even the sheets from my great-grandmother trousseau. The colors are mostly left natural, raw, or dyed with camping cortex that gives a indigo-blue color, loved by the Japanese. The dyeing process requires patience and precision, and the results are always unpredictable.  The accessories are hand-crocheted. The shoes, inspired by Japanese okobo and made of recycled wooden pallets from which I have cut and polished the pieces, then  adding the fabrics and yarns of the collection.” @noemigrassi NJAL PROFILE /noemi-grassi
Fashion at IUAV 2016 – Backstage + Catwalk – MA
 Noemi Grassi – MOTTAINAI
Fashion at IUAV 2016 – Backstage -MA

Noemi Grassi – MOTTAINAI

Fabio Quaranta


Sabina Cioffi

Fashion at IUAV 2016 – Catwalk – MA

Alma Ricci – SEQUENZA#8

“The project of Sequenza#8 relies on the technique of digital morphing to define eight body types onto which each garment morphs into the next one as in a movie. Starting from this concept of sequences as a mode for storytelling and presentation, the project imagines eight characters from a family album at the beginning of the 900s. It reinterprets the clothing through a digital circular loop that starts (and ends) with the study of the shirt and analyzes the wardrobes classics.” @almaricci NJAL PROFILE /alma-ricci


Cristiana Costanzo and Mattia Berto

Fashion at IUAV 2016 – FROW
Manuela Luca Dazio and Roberta Rossi

Fashion at IUAV 2016 – FROW
Alessandra Vaccari

Fashion at IUAV 2016 – Catwalk – MA
Federico Cassani – ATTILIO

“A transsexual whore fondles his breast; so little is missing, to be what he wants it to be. Empty volumes remind him of what is not there. This is the first simulacrum.  A German boy on a skateboard, is in front of him. Flashback to Eastern Germany. 1989 the Wall is falling.  He stops skateboarding, is quiet and still. He stands there motionless, as then, in front of the crowd, watching the whore with a man on a bed. They look at each other and pass a cigarette from mouth to mouth without touching their lips. The guy takes off his shirt and thinks whether or not to slip off his trousers, which are too wide and are tied only with a shoelace, on his low waist. But for him, on the skateboard, his life is the most beautiful of all.  He clears his throat. Not to draw attention. Just to clear it. He moves his foot backwards and forwards, the skateboard moves, he has on the same wide pants as the man on the bed. It's strange, huh, how a little boy with a skateboard has the same uniform as the man. Attilio embroidered above. He is a beautiful sailor.   He is the third statue, the American who beats  the German, the same uniform of the two. And the second is the flashback. This is not California, is written somewhere on that wall that is falling.  "Of course we were young, we were arrogant, we were ridiculous, we were excessive, and we were reckless. But we were right " (Abbie Hoffman).” @federicocassani_NJAL PROFILE /federico-cassani

Fashion at IUAV 2016 – Catwalk – MA
Roberta Colla – ZAC ZAC
“It's 1964. Yoko Ono goes on stage at the Yamaichi Concert Hall in Kyoto. She brings with her a pair of scissors.  She remains immobile while individual guests from the audience are invited to cut pieces from her clothes, taking them away. Cut cut.  Violent and subtle workings. Cut cut. The responsibility of the look. Cut cut. The progression that destroys roles and unstitches the bodies’ neutrality. I. Proceed to cut what has to be cut. In my father's wardrobe, size 56: I can easily cut my jackets. Zac zac. I unstitch, assemble, compare. And the trousers. Zac zac. Shapes inside shapes, puzzles, big and small. Zac zac. Gaps, errors, assemblies, joints:  they don’t fit, they don’t close, they aren’t straight. I have a ​​feminine idea, I make it beautiful, I destroy it, then I fix it again. I love the noise.” @robertacolla
NJAL PROFILE /roberta-colla

Cristiana Costanzo, Laura Lena, Maria Luisa Frisa and Ezio Micelli
Mario Lupano, art director of the fashion shows and Manfredi Bellati
Mulino Stucky

unless otherwise stated - all catwalk photographs by Margherita Luison –- courtesy IUAV



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