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Archives: Nally Bellati - Vintage Party Photographs -1990s The Missoni after Dinner Party

“I love to photograph real people quickly, reportage style.”
 Nally Bellati 

Vintage Party Photographs  - 1990s  - The Missoni After Show

Dinner Party
The strong emotion of finding photo of friends, some who sadly have left us, is very emotional and brings back fond memories of the “good old days”, before digital photography. I share with you, from my social photography archives some party photos taken at the Missoni apartment in Milan after one of their 1990s Spring/Summer fashion shows. Entertaining for the Missoni family, like their clothes is always colorful, elegantly casual and chic; the guests feel at home and always include a wide interesting mix of international friends, artists, actors, authors and journalists – all the perfect ingredients for a fun party.
Above. Tai and Rosita Missoni.

Angela Missoni

Carla Sozzani, Franca Sozzani, Beppe Modenese and Miriam De Cesco

Mireille Darc

Luca and Judy Missoni

Vittorio Missoni and Lea Pericoli

Daniela Morera, Emilio and Antonia Tadini

Susanne and Matteo Thun Hohenstein

Willy and Liliana Cavendish

Gerlinde Guelfenbien Hobel and Manfredi Bellati

Giovanna Mazzetti, Alain Elkann and Chiara Boni

Sam Rey and Grazia D’Annunzio
Suzy Menkes

Lea Massari

Ariela Goggi, Giovanni Gastel and Valeria Corbetta


Ilaria Cerrina Feroni and Giorgio Forattini

Gladys Perint Palmer

Adelaide and Enrico Astori

Tai Missoni and Joan Juliet Buck

Antonia Jannone

Laura Panno

Cristina Dubini, Nicolo Dubini and Barbara Frua De Angeli

Federica Marangoni

Mania Hruska


  Rita Airaghi and Anna Riva

Cristina Brigidini and Sibilla della Gherardesca

Maria Pezzi


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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Milano: Lifestyle – Lunch with Miro Silvera

“Books, books, books…”
Miro Silvera

Milano: Lifestyle – Lunch with Miro Silvera. Miro Silvera loves to entertain chez soi. The intellectual, sophisticated and refined cosmopolitan writer considers himself an outsider in the literary world. He has written poems, essays and novels, which have won literary prizes and he is also a film buff, and has written film scripts and is also a curious connoisseur of the arts.  The Syrian born author has lived most of his life in Milan and is predominantly known for his best selling book Libroterapia, (Book Therapy) published by Salani, where he describes how books can cure all ills,  where he takes the reader through bookshelves telling original stories and pointing to the right book to cure every ill. 

 At Home
Lunch is served in a corner of the sunny sitting room. Obviously the room is full of books and art works all perfectly and elegantly placed.  One could spend days just browsing around and enjoying them all.

The Table
Like most creative people Miro is also a good cook and has always been interested in food. When he entertains he fuses his Middle Eastern heritage with his Italian upbringing, thereby creating an unusual and delicious menu - an interesting mix of tastes. On a bright blue Paola Navone designed table, the only modern note in the room, the table is laid with his grandfather’s gold-rimmed dinner plates, bought in Prague in the 1950s, and hand-blown Murano glasses.  Crudities: of fennel and carrots are on hand to munch on. The Black bust on the left of the table is an African sculpture, whilst the white stucco head on a marble pedestal on the right, is an early nineteenth century piece. As on every wall of the apartment more books are stored in the Napoleonic Empire style bookcase.

Piero Fornasetti - Lemons  - 1972
Colored pencil drawing

Tabbouleh is a Middle Eastern vegetarian dish traditionally made of tomatoes, finely chopped parsley, mint, bulgur, and onion, and seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice, and salt.

Aubergine and Chickpea Syrian Stew

The white marble round table serves as a side table to place the Piero Fornasetti faux marble dessert plates and serving silver utensils. In the foreground of the group of sculptures, the double terracotta bust by sculptor Igor Mitoraj.

Sweet and Sour Fruit Salad


Antonio Marinoni – Miro Silvera in Via Lanzone
One of the many portraits of Miro portrayed by artists, in various mediums, scattered around the apartment. The Antonio Marinoni architectural watercolor, above is a perspective of Miro’s former beautiful apartment in Via Lanzone.
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Friday, January 13, 2017

Books: A Material Menu: Designs for the Culinary Aesthetic

Concept and styling Francesca Sarti - photos by Tom Mannion
Courtesy Caesarstone

Books: A Material Menu: Designs for the Culinary Aesthetic. A Material Menu: Designs for the Culinary Aesthetic book explores the boundaries between food and design. It is leading quartz manufacturer, Caesarstone first conceptual cookbook with eight recipes by food design studio Arabeschi di Latte’s Francesca Sarti and inspired by the four elemental concepts - Earth – Ice – Fire - Air presented by renowned British designer Tom Dixon’s Caesarstone quartz designed kitchen installation during Milan Design Week.
Egg Tower - Caesarstone surfaces - 4004 Raw Concrete - 6134 Georgian Bluffs

"The book gave me the chance to develop our Milan menu and work on eight new recipes to represent the elements that would provoke the taste buds, tantalize the eyes and echo Caesarstone’s work surfaces in a way that would further explore the boundaries between food and design. I think of this as a feeling of 'rawness' – to show the materials in a way that appeals to all the senses, which really echoes Caesarstone's aesthetic."
Francesca Sarti, Arabeschi di Latte
Water is the basis of life on earth. In its natural state – sea or freshwater, liquid or frozen – it always contains some dissolved salt. This fact – and the coolness of ice – inspired the recipes for Salty Lemonade and Icefish Fritters to represent this refreshing and essential element.

  Concept and styling Francesca Sarti - photos by Tom Mannion
Courtesy Caesarstone

Salty Lemonade - Makes 1 glass
1 salted lemon wedge - 2 tbsp lemon balm, syrup or honey
Sprig of fresh lemon balm - Sparkling water or soda
Salted Lemons
12 medium unwaxed lemons - 350g coarse sea salt
4 fresh bay leaves - Handful coriander seeds
10 cardamom pods, lightly crushed
Caesarstone surfaces - 5143 White Attica, 6134 - Georgian Bluffs

Fire is a mesmerizing and fascinating element, mystically transforming many unpalatable foods into highly delicious treats. Sage smoke adds an aromatic note to the often disregarded cauliflower, crowned by roasting to achieve a nutty taste. Meanwhile, the sweet goat’s cheesecake, Torteau Fromager, elicits a delicate kiss of bitterness when lightly charred.

Concept and styling Francesca Sarti - photos by Tom Mannion
Courtesy Caesarstone

The Dark Trophy - Serves 4
1 purple cauliflower - 2 tbsp olive oil - 1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp black lava salt or rock salt - Juice of 1 lemon
 Bunch of fresh sage
Caesarstone surfaces - 6003 Coastal Grey - 5100 Vanilla Noir

Invisible, uplifting and essential for life, air also serves as the elemental structural ingredient in the following recipes for Egg Tower and Snow Soup. Air may seem like nothing, but without it, these recipes – and life itself – would simply not exist.

Concept and styling Francesca Sarti - photos by Tom Mannion
Courtesy Caesarstone

Snow Soup - Serves 4
1 fresh, shelled coconut - 1 white fungus, soaked and puffed up
2 egg whites - 100ml coconut juice - 100ml milk
20g panela sugar or brown sugar
A few pandan leaves or 1 small stalk of bruised lemongrass
Caesarstone surface - 6134 Georgian Bluffs

Earth is perhaps the most deeply warming, comforting and homely of all the elements. It is the perfect starting point for all recipes because without the earth to grow crops and nurture animals, there would be very little to cook. These recipes for Stones Sandwiches and Italian Testaroli pasta are a witty expression of the very nature of earth and some of its ground-dwelling inhabitants.

Concept and styling Francesca Sarti - photos by Tom Mannion
Courtesy Caesarstone

Stones Sandwiches - Serves 4
Sourdough bread
750g spelt flour - 720ml water - Rye flour
Spices: licorice or coffee powder, turmeric, poppy seeds
Handful of oats - Sea salt
100g fresh or dried black chanterelles - Olive oil -1 clove garlic
1 sprig thyme - Sea salt and pepper
Pickled walnuts or pickled onion
Caesarstone surface - 5380 Emperadoro

The Restaurant by Caesarstone and Tom Dixon for Milan’s Salone del Mobile 2016

“The idea was to inspire architects and designers by showing them
how, through the concept of the four elements, food and surfaces can interact in different ways, delivering a food experience that challenges all the senses.”
Tom Dixon
Above. The Earth Kitchen was inspired by Roman aqueducts, Caesarstone surfaces were configured, contorted and curved to show their pliant properties.

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