Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Milano: Palazzo Clerici – T Magazine party.

Milano: Palazzo Clerici – T Magazine party. To celebrate the appointment of Brendan Monaghan as the new publisher of The New York Times Style T magazine, Deborah Needleman, T’s editor in chief hosted a cocktail party during the Pret a Porter Milan Men’s shows in the gilded ballroom of Palazzo Clerici.

Deborah Needleman and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Bruce Pask and Brendan Monaghan

Karla Otto and Paolo Cesana

Stephan Janson
Diego Della Valle

Laura Rimini and Roberto Peregalli

Gorgonzola stuffed dates.

Rosita Missoni and Patrick Kinmonth

Robert Triefus and Frida Giannini

Ennio Capasa

Teresa Maccapani Missoni and Antonio Monfreda

Margherita Maccapani Missoni Amos and Eugenio Amos

  Anna Zegna

Lawrence Steele and Filipa Constante

Tim Blanks

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Milano – Design: Piero Fornasetti 100 Hundred Years of Practical Maddness exhibition

Milano – Design:  Piero Fornasetti 100 Hundred Years of Practical Maddness exhibition. On the occasion of the centenary of Piero Fornasetti’s birth, the Triennale Design Museum presents a first grand and unprecedented exhibition of the artist’s work, entitled Piero Fornasetti 100 Hundred Years of Practical Maddness, until February 2, which is curated by Piero’s son Barnaba, who brilliantly still carries on his father’s work. 
Above. Father and son.

Piero Fornasetti 100 Hundred Years of Practical Maddness exhibition. Painter, engraver and printer, designer, collector, stylist, refined craftsman, art gallery manager and exhibition promoter, Fornasetti had an extremely rich and complex personality. He designed and made approximately 13.000 objects and decorations. His world was animated by the rigor of projects, of art and of craftsmanship, but also by his unbridled fantasy, surrealist invention and poetry.

Above. One of the Indian ink self-portraits on paper from the series Autoritratti.

Piero Fornasetti 100 Hundred Years of Practical Maddness exhibition. Piero Fornasetti photographed by Ugo Mulas in the 1960s.

Piero Fornasetti 100 Hundred Years of Practical Maddness exhibition. A promotional lamp for Oggi magazine sits on a cube table. The exhibition includes more than 1000 pieces, mostly from the extraordinary Fornasetti archive in Milan.
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Milano: Missoni Men’s Winter 2014 Collection

Milano: Missoni Men’s Winter 2014 Collection.  The Missoni man like a nomad “surfer” roams from place to place in his exclusive Missoni clothes; loom knits in noble fibers, all produced in the factory in Sumirago. The men’s collection is characterized this season in softly tailored, compact, cashmere, checked coats; Japanese-inspired wrapped shawl neck cardigans lined with shearling; loose fitted trousers and pullovers in Missoni's iconic knit and blazers all utilizing silhouettes, color tones and textures that evoke the effortless and relaxed lifestyle of the spirited young “surfers”.

Creative director Angela Missoni

Backstage at Missoni.  The Selfie.  

  Backstage at Missoni. Attractive long haired models exemplify the Missoni man, for Winter 2014, which draws its inspiration from wayfaring surfers riding a tidal wave around the world where his wardrobe reflects this unbaiting pursuit to be emotionally connected to nature.

Backstage at Missoni.  Advertising stylist Stephen Mann.

Backstage at Missoni – make-up.  Designed by Miriam Langellotti the make-up is “Healthy, natural, as if they had just finished surfing.”

 Backstage at Missoni

 Seen backstage at Missoni.   Superstar curators Antonio Monfreda and Patrick Kinmonth.

Backstage at Missoni.  The distinctive use of deep, earthy colors resonates throughout the collection where charcoals, slates, midnight blues, olives and mineral browns hint at the rugged coastline the Missoni man has traversed.

Teresa Maccapani Missoni and Vogue’s Cesare Cunaccia

  Backstage at Missoni 

Missoni’s Japanese-inspired wrapped shawl neck cardigan lined with shearling.

Rosita Missoni with her brothers Alberto and Giampiero Jelmini

Margherita Maccapani Missoni

Luca and Ottavio Missoni

Art dealer Pasquale Leccese and artist Giulia Curra

 Super archstar Patricia Urquiola and Alberto Zontone

Missoni’s men's suit and coat

Barnaba Fornasetti and Gerlinde Geulfenbein Hobel

 NYT’s Suzy Menkes

 Vogue Japan’s Anna Della Russo and stylist and editor Katie Grand
Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana’s Beppe Modenese, Jane Reeve and  Mario Boselli

Missoni’s comfy warm winter sandals 


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