Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Venice - V-A-C Zattere – Non-Extractive Architecture: Designing without Depletion Vol. 1- Zoom - Book and exhibition Launch


Courtesy V-A-C Foundation


Zoom - Book and Exhibition Project Launch

Non-Extractive Architecture: Designing without Depletion Vol. 1

A year-long exhibition program, research residency, materials workshop, lecture series and publishing platform at V–A–C Zattere, Venice


Non-Extractive Architecture: On Designing without Depletion is a new live research and exhibition program curated by architect and curator Joseph Grima and the design research studio Space Caviar. The year-long project will look at contemporary architectural production as the endpoint of a complex chain of activities.

Charlotte Malterre-Barthes

Scales of Extraction, after Morphosis, 2-4-6-8 House Parts drawing




Courtesy V-A-C Foundation


The book Non-Extractive Architecture: On Designing without Depletion Vol. 1 is published by V–A–C and Sternberg Press. It establishes a theoretical framework for a new approach to architecture based on long-term thinking about the use of material resources and the integration of community values into the construction industry. It draws on a multiplicity of voices and perspectives to examine architecture as an expanded field that connects people and places well beyond the conventional definition of “site”.


Dele Adeyemo, Sofia Pia Belenky, Benjamin Bratton, Stephanie Carlisle, Emanuele Coccia, Keller Easterling, Swarnabh Ghosh, Macarena G√≥mez-Barris, Joseph Grima, Interiors Agency, Elisa Iturbe, Luke Jones, Chiara Di Leone, Armin Linke, Charlotte Malterre-Barthes, Nicholas Pevzner, Maria Smith and Mark Wigley.  It will be followed by a second volume which will collect the research developed through 2021 and is set to be published in early 2022.


Courtesy V-A-C Foundation – photograph - Boudewijn Bollmann


“A Non-Extractive Architecture, in other words, is an architecture based on care: for people, resources, materials, environments – as well as for civilization itself, with the unthinkable expansive timeframes that involves.”

Joseph Grimes

architect and curator


 Courtesy V-A-C Foundation


Luke Jones

Notional carbon flows between a timber building and forest



Luke Jones

considers whether a post-carbon architecture might in fact echo some of the fundamental material principles, such as all-timber construction 


Courtesy V-A-C Foundation


Today, the building and construction industries are responsible for 39% of the total carbon emissions produced by humanity. The hunger for non-renewable resources such as sand, water, stone and steel needed to urbanize the world at speed is irreversibly depleting entire regions, fundamentally transforming their nature into habitats incapable of supporting human and animal life. Non-Extractive Architecture is an attempt to question some of the basic assumptions underlying contemporary architectural production from a material and social perspective, rethinking the construction industry from first principles in the belief that better alternatives exist.

Luke Jones

Tectonics of layers



Interiors Agency’s writer and designer Nicholas Korody, Joseph Grimes and designer Sofia Pia Belenky



critic Elisa Iturbe

on how carbon modernity has been a foundational force in the development of the modern world through the case study of Magnitogorsk city, Russia


Courtesy V-A-C Foundation


The transformation of V-A-C Palazzo delle Zattere into an active laboratory for the definition and development of Non-Extractive Architecture will take form in parallel strands of research, residences, public programs and publishing initiatives throughout the year. The research will inform an evolving exhibition produced on site by Space Caviar in collaboration with ten selected international research residents. Alongside the residency research initiative, invited designers will share new material research and conduct physical workshops within the new laboratory constructed in Palazzo delle Zattere. The Palazzo will be activated through a library, publishing and broadcasting stations designed by the art collective N55. Guest experts as part of a monthly talk series will contribute to the ongoing research of Non-Extractive Architecture. 

 Luke Jones

Material flows in and out of a steel frame, to scale.


Philosopher Emanuele Coccia

 Imagines ways of reforming architecture in order to recognize that all living beings are ultimately connected 



Francesco Manacorda

V-A-C Foundation artistic director






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