Friday, July 27, 2018

Venice: Not Only Biennale - Punta della Dogana – Dancing with Myself – Exhibition

“A collective exhibition dedicated to the importance of self-representation in art from the 1970s to today.”

Not Only Biennale -Punta della Dogana
Dancing with Myself
The collective exhibition Dancing with Myself at Punta della Dogana, until December 16, is curated by Martin Bethenod and Florian Ebner, stems from the collaboration between the Pinault Collection and the Folkwang Museum in Essen. It faces the primordial importance of the artist’s role as actor and material of his own creations, from the 1970s to today, and brings together a great range of artistic practices and languages (photography, video, painting, sculpture, installation…), cultures, geographic origins, generations and experiences, to establish a tension between extremely different artistic approaches: melancholy of vanity, ironic play with identity, political biography and existential questioning, the body as sculpture, effigy or fragment of its symbolic substitute.
Felix Gonzales Torres – “Untitled” (blood) – 1992
Urs Fisher – Untitled - 2011

  photograph and copyright by Manfredi Bellati
Co-curator and director of Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana Martin Berthenod
Rudolf Stingel – Untitled (Alpino 1976) – 2007
Rudolf Stingel – Untitled (After Sam) - 2006

Punta della Dogana – Dancing with Myself
Approximately 100 works from the Pinault Collection – from Claude Cahun to LaToya Ruby Frazier, from Gilbert & George to Cindy Sherman, and from Alighiero Boetti to Maurizio Cattelan – are on display alongside a selection of works on loan from the Folkwang Museum. The exhibition revolves around four themes:
Melancholia, Identity Games, Political Autobiographies, Raw Material
Cindy Sherman – Untitled #566 – 2016
  Photograph courtesy Palazzo Grassi – Punta della Dogana

Urs Luthi - Tell Me Who Stole Your Smile – 1974
Portfolio with 8 offset prints  - 38 x 30 cm - Folkwang Museum

Paulo Nazareth – From the Series Noticias de America
Paulo Nazareth – Para Cuando Ellos Me Busquenen El Desierto 2012

Copyright Galerie Christophe Gaillard – courtesy Palazzo Grassi – Punta della Dogana

Marcel Bascoulard - Pose 2, 9 juin 1959 - 1959
gelatin-silver print - 12,5 x 8,9 cm - Pinault Collection

 Gilbert and George – Bad Thoughts No.7 – 1975

Kurt Kranz – Augenreihen – 1930-1931
from the portfolio Gesichts und Handstudien 

copyright Arnulf Rainer - courtesy Palazzo Grassi – Punta della Dogana
 Arnulf Rainer - O.T. (Hand Automatenportrait ) - 1969 ca.
 (detail) 4 gelatin prints - 5,8 x 4,3 cm each - Museum Folkwang

 Roni Horn – A.K.A. – 2008-2009
30 paired photographs

Martin Kippenberger – Untitled – 1983
from the series Lieber Male Mir 

Bruce Nauman – Lip Sync – 1969

  courtesy Palazzo Grassi – Punta della Dogana
Claude Cahun - Autoportrait – 1929
gelatin-silver print  - 42 x 34 cm  - Pinault Collection

Adel Abdessemed – Separation – 2006

  Lili Reynaud-Dewar – I am Intact and I Don‘t Care – 2013
(Pierre Huyghe – Centre Pompidou) 

Latoya Ruby Frazier – Mom Holding Mr. Art – 2005

Maurizio Cattelan – We - 2010

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Venice: Santa Marta – BA - MA Graduation Show – Backstage – FROW

  Photograph – visual Francesco D’Aurelio – courtesy IUAV

Fashion at IUAV 2018
Fattore Campo
BA - MA Graduation Show – Backstage – FROW

Appropriately, in World Cup year, the BA and MA Graduation Show of the Fashion/Design department of IUAV University of Venice, which marks the end of the academic year, was entitled, Fattore Campo – field factor - and held in the Campetto di Calcio on the Faculty of Architectures’ campus.   The fashion show featured the best collections of clothes and accessories by the graduating students from both programs and was coordinated by designers Arthur Arbesser, Veronika Allmayer-Beck and Fabio Quaranta, and the show was art directed by Mario Lupano and Cristina Zamagni.

“In sport, the expression "field factor" indicates the advantage
enjoyed by an athlete or a team playing in a favorable field. Playing at home, they say, with the audience on your side. According to statistics, is a privilege that increases the chances of winning. This year, for  Fashion at IUAV, we professors and students of the degree courses in fashion present the best final collections in a new situation suggested by the dean Alberto Ferlenga, in the football field belonging to our university, contiguous to the factory of the Cotonificio,but shared with the Santa Marta district, which manages it.
It is a space
that we have chosen to reactivate because, symbolically, it is a place of comparison, where we need talent but also preparation, discipline, concentration and the ability to always play in the team. Important skills, today more than ever,are necessary to face a complex and competitive world of work, with defeats and disappointments to be tackled head on. We know well, however, and this is taught by football, that downfalls, are very often useful for sensational come backs and resounding victories.”
Maria Luisa Frisa

Maria Luisa Frisa, author, curator, fashion historian and director in Fashion/Design and Alberto Ferlenga, dean of the Faculty of Architecture at IUAV University of Venice.

Italian Dump
Masses of cloths/Clothes for the masses
“An exercise of creative composting:
the collection is born from the bottom and requires
the sensibility of the scavenger, that feeds on matter decomposing.
Rejection is the place where experimentation
is not scary, where there is no loss or error.
Creating with mass waste is an attempt
to imagine new forms and develop new ways
to be in the world.”
Massimo Simonetto

Winners – Pitti Tutorship Reward
Pitti Immagine prize for Best Collection

Jacopo Nordio/Francesco Galeotti

Giada Pavan
Invisable or Nearly

Stefano Gallici/Marianna Serena
Night’s Candels Are Burnt Out

Giulia Piccinetti/Camilla Ferrazzi

Anna Meneghetti

 Giovanni Mareschi
Y’all Younguns

Enrico Vettorazzo
sBuffo sBrillo

  Francesca Schena

Veronika Allmayer-Beck

Arthur Arbesser and Maria Luisa Frisa

Julia Salvarani Diez

“Side A // Side B - A musical cassette like
start point. - Side A // Side B
A split. Luigi Yamamoto // Alcantara Mojo Jungle
Noir, synthesizers, Cinema of Transgression,
b-movie, distorted sounds, cybernoir. Nostalgia of the
future hold on to past.
ACME is a research
"A bipolar swing - hopefully vaguely
messianica that sooner or later
something new will have to happen will happens and the gloomy
belief that nothing again it will never happen on the serious"*
Excellence is degradation, the center is suburbs, Berlin
is Los Angeles. Side A is Side B.”
Riccardo Ballarani/Massimiliano Mucciarelli

Francesca Sarti
Arabeschi di Latte

  La Grande Madre
“A continuous reference to motherhood as an act of creation, transformed from art to source inspiring.  An exhibition, The Great Mother by Massimiliano Gioni.  The social role of the woman, between tradition and emancipation, between nature and individual commitment.  The collection brings together the idea of Italianity and that of motherhood and reflects the figure of the mother as a metaphor for all that nourishes and protects us and at the same time suffocates and represses us.”
Beatrice Contelli

Fabio Quaranta

Simona Nigri


  Figurini Panini
Football Stickers

It all Happens in My Head
A black jersey jacket signed by Romeo Gigli.
The iconic collections of the
Italian stylist at the end of the eighties
and the beginning of the nineties.
Dualism, multiple-identity, hybridity:
threewords that activate one
collection in which the clothes are transformed,
the defects become refined details, the prints reveal their own fake side with trompe-l'oeil.  
An intimate journey starting from a fragment from an archive.”
Lucile Garrault

Melissa Vizza

Giovanni Pacienza

“Zer-041 reactivates the tradition of Italian sportswear
of the eighties and brands like Stone Island and C.P. Company.
The collection contains techno fabric clothes
and proposes aggressive silhouettes with
modular and transformable parts,  a one sort of ideal combat uniform
to survive rampart tourism. Venice is the design starting point, visible in the details of the garments with shapes inspired by the forcole,
and in the reinterpretation of  acqua alta jumpsuits.”
Andrea Casaril

Marco Mazzoni with Sebastiano Geronimo
Untitled – performance


Maria Luisa Frisa, Riccardo Vannetti, MP5 and Camilla Penzo

Angela Vettese and Mark Nash

Chiara Cavalieri, Alberto Ferlenga and Giulia Ciliberto

 Ethel Lotto, Elda Danese and Alessandro De Luca

Sandro Zara

Carolina Antich and Pamela Berry

Andrea Pertoldeo, Cristiana Costanzo, Valeria Regazzoni,
Flavia Voga and Laura Lena

Cesare De Michelis and Emanuela Bassetti

Adrien Roberts

Andrea and Paola Tomat

Felicity Menadue and David Landau

Marie-Rose Kahane and Max Landau

 Mario Lupano 

Milovan Farronato and Giorgia Gallina

Giulia Elia Manieri, Paolo De Benedetti, Marina and Fabio Achilli 
Andrea Pertoldeo

 Ethel Lotto and Anthony Knight

Marios Loizou and Sabina Cioffi  

Gabriele Monti











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