Friday, July 08, 2011

Venice Biennale: Collateral Events - Ascension - Anish Kapoor

Basilica di San Giorgio:  Ascension - Anish Kapoor. Anish kapoor presents a sit-specific installation in the Palladian Basilica of San Giorgio:  Called Ascension, a column of white smoke rises from the floor where the nave and the transept intersect.  A cross between sacred and profane, the smoke is also an ephemeral boundary between substance and the immaterial.  “In this work,” say the artist, “there is also the idea of Moses who followed a column of smoke, a column of light, in the desert.”

Anish Kapoor for Illy Art Collection.  “What do I see when I look into a hole?”  Anish Kapoor has played around with the Illy cup and subverted its use:  by placing the platinum saucer with the hole in the center on the top, the flickering reflections become form and touch on themes such as doubt, ambivalence, error, mystery, surprise and the desire to understand.
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