Sunday, February 07, 2010

Paris: Design - Muriel Grateau

Paris: Design – Muriel Grateau.  Muriel Grateau is chic and elegant, just like her designs.  In her Rive Gauche boutique she leans on a showcase of her jewelry inspired by the architectural facades of Pompei, the gothic and the neo-classical eras.
Note:  the big blackened gold molten onyx ring with brown and pick diamonds she is wearing.

The art of fine dining.    Muriel Grateau is known for her fine tableware. Seen here is her latest line called, Miroir de Sorciere or witch’s eye. The round shapes of the plates are poured and hand-finished in an un-glazed porcelain and create a spectacular mirror effect.  

The household linens.  When you walk into Muriel Grateau’s shop on the Rue de Beaune the first impression is mostly of a black and white gallery. It is only when the drawers are opened that you appreciate her full range of table linens in every tone and shade imaginable.
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