Monday, February 08, 2010

Paris: Concept Store - Merci

Paris: concept store – Merci.   In the Marais, on the busy Boulevard Beaumarchais is the new concept store Merci designed by Paola Navone.  The name Merci, as you well know, thank-you, takes it name from the new foundation created by former owners and founders of the chic children’s clothing line Bonpoint, Marie-France and Bernard Cohen.   The proceeds from sales go to humanitarian organizations helping women and children in Madagascar and India.
Note:  A Fiat cinquecento car sits in the courtyard; its vanity plate is Merci.

The big room. On the wall in the big entrance room, which is situated around a courtyard, is an exhibition of photographs by Serge Anton.  Six gigantic portraits of Berbers are arranged on the wall, the proceeds of these photos will go towards the charity organization, Heart of Gazelles. The store sells an eclectic mix of designer pieces, as well as, clothes, shoes, furniture, household objects and a florist.

The Used-Book Café.  One of the three entrances is straight into the Used-Book Café, which houses thousands of books, all for sale.

Seen in the Used-Book Café. Italian architect and designer, Franco Raggi.

The furniture.  ‘50s chairs are covered in a patchwork of antique ethic fabrics.

The Florist. The third entrance is from the florist on the boulevard. Big bowls of cut flowers arranged by color are theatrically lit.
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