Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Milan Furniture Fair: Ingo Maurer and Nilufar


Milan: Furniture Fair: Spazio Krizia – Ingo Maurer. At the Spazio Krizia Ingo Maurers exhibition entitled The Atelier presented special objects and novelties creating a dense and fascinating  atmosphere.
Above.   The installation Beyond Design by Ingo Maurer.

Ingo Maurer Dew Drops by Ingo Maurer Team, 2014. Magnificent new LED high-tech development turned into poetry.

Ingo Maurer Cash + Carry Luxury by Ingo Maurer Team, 2014. 

Milan: Furniture Fair – Nilufar – Bethan Laura Wood. At Nilufar, Bethan Laura Wood presented her Crisscross Collection Chandelier, 2014, glass and pirex ceiling lamps.  Every piece is customizable in different sizes and colors.

Nilufar Nilufar’s Nina Yashar and designer Roberto Giulio Rida and his Prato Cabinet, 2014.

Nilufar – The Prato Cabinet, 2014 by Roberto Giulio Rida

Nilufar – Lindsey Adelman and her Cherry Bomb Collection, applique/ceiling lamps, 2014 in brass and blown glass.

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