Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Milan: Furniture Fair - Alice restaurant

Milan: Furniture Fair  - Alice restaurant. In the recently opened Eataly food market, situated in the ex Teatro Smeraldo, the gourmet Alice restaurant.   Alice or anchovy as it translates is run by Michelin star chef Viviana Varese and maitre sommelier Sandra Ciciriello.  They moved from their former location to the top floor of Eatly where the view of the grandiose Piazza XV Aprile and the cuisine take star place.  Mostly fish and some meat dishes are prepared with creativity and taste departing from the Mediterranean tradition revisited.

Alice - In the open view kitchen chef Viviana Varese puts the finishing touches to a dish.

Steamed Cuttlefish, Squid and Prawns served on a cream of Zucchini and Mint

Amuse bouches are offered to the clients.

  Alice Design journalists, Chiara Dal Canto and Pilar Viladas.

Fish and Chips

Chocolate Mousse with Licorice center, served on a Saffron and Balsamic Vinegar Sauce

Coffee and Petit Fours complete the meal.

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