Saturday, April 20, 2013

Milan: FF 2013 – State University of Milan - Interni Hybrid Architecture and Design installations

Milan: FF 2013 – State University of Milan - Interni Hybrid Architecture and Design installations. One of the main events of Milan FF was in the courtyards of the State University of Milan, under the aegis of Interni magazine, was the major exhibition-event on the theme Hybrid Architecture and Design, focusing on the idea of métissage in architecture and design. This concept, seen as hybridization, is interpreted as an encounter of cultures and technologies. The approach to the theme is made by a group of internationally acclaimed architects and designers, whose work stands out for its content of research and innovation. They express their visions in an evocative, spectacular way, through installations, experimental micro-architectural pavilions or macro-objects, with the support of companies in the avant-garde in the fields of materials, technology and environmental sustainability.
Above: Golden River Speech Tchoban and Kuznetsov and Marco Bravura with Arch-Skin. A pair of long undulated elements that float into each other, forming a large arch: entirely clad in gold mosaic, the work is then decorated with “cotissi” blocks of glass left over from the crucibles of Venetian glassworks, to combine art, architecture and design in a single entity.

Interni Hybrid Architecture and Design installations. Beyond the Wall (detail) – Daniel Libeskind with Cosentino Group. “Architecture is a language capable of telling the story of the soul.” The installation is based on the infinite possibilities of the spiral: a polycentric structure reaching upward amidst dynamic grafts of geometric planes.  The facing is in the special Silestone bacteriostatic quartz in the new Suede finish, with a fractal motif similar to the Golden Section: a modern concept.

Interni Hybrid Architecture and Design installations. Sguardi IndiscretiMichele De Lucchi with Safilo. A wooden house with beams and posts in lamellar fir, to express the potential of interaction between classicism and technology, with one hundred bas reliefs on the outside, in plaster, of faces, bands and noses, reproduced from masterpieces of classical sculptures: some of the wearing eyeglasses, through which it is possible to look at the technological heart of the installation, which narrates the world and production of eyewear.

Interni Hybrid Architecture and Design installations. InversionSteven Holl with Pimar, Teuco Guzzini and Ferragamo Parfums.  Six sculptures, weighing over one ton each, made with blocks of Lecce stone.  Digitally cut with five-axis numerically controlled machine, the forms correspond to hollow blocks and their removed solids:  a reflecting pool shows the forms upside-down. 
Interni Hybrid Architecture and Design installations. Hooked UpDean Skira with iGuzzini. A passage with a double truncated pyramid form where light is applied as in a ‘tissue of contact' between inside and outside, present and future.  The structure functions as a device with a series of vertical and horizontal openings, designed to let natural light enter, while at the same time projecting columns of intangible light into the space, transforming the environment into a delicate light source.
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