Saturday, April 20, 2013

Milan: FF 2013 – A Casa 2013

 Photograph by Roberto Boccaccino

Milan: FF 2013 – A Casa 2013.  Now in its third edition [acasa] "at home", is an experimental project by the FBR - Francesca Ballini Richards studio with  agronamist Giorgio Colombo, which breaks all the rules of publicity, offering a welcoming, creative, honest and profound method of communication. The project does not invite us to observe the design object, but rather to use it in a creative way. An arranged table, a home, an encounter between journalists, designers, philosophers and artists whose relationship deepens and becomes more intimate as they share the same moment, a meal.  At a time when our world is saturated with excess, the [a casa] project “in absentia” offers the opportunity to fill the void with the existence of a Milan seemingly eager for emotion, landscapes and warmth. [a casa] also captured unexpected views and hidden details, opening the doors to unique locations, like the Fornasetti and Ignazio Gardella apartments.
Above. The living room of the contemporary art and design collector, Mariano Pichler’s apartment in Lambrate. This space is conceived as a huge container with light flooding in from above to illuminate paintings, sculptures and installations. It is a place where art is not only there to be looked at, but also to be used. 


At Pilcher’s Home.  Host and architect Mariano Pichler, A Casa founder Francesca Ballini Richards and Abitare magazine's legendary editor in chief Italo Lupi.

Hostess Giuditta Sala.

 Even the hallway is full of art.

Gemma Richards

Co founder of A Casa Giorgio Colombo offers an apperitivo.

The red wine, Staffato Sant’Antimo by Azienda Agricola San Filippo Montalcino, glasses by Iitalia.

Color designer, who designed the colors of the apartment, Francesca Valan and architect, Filippo Pagliani.

At Pilcher’s Home. The guest bathroom is full of artworks by Thorsten Kirchhoff, the walls are painted a green that dominates in Kirchhoff’s works and even the door boasts a painting of the virtual key, though for the occasion a actual key was placed in the keyhole.

At Pilcher’s Home.  The dinning room table, also a work of art was designed by Italian artist  Alberto Garutti  and is made in burl wood, in it’s centre are four cut-outs each one depicting the house plans of the fours houses Garutti has lived in. The “candle” on table is called Tetatet and was designed by light designer Davide Groppi. The “crushed” linen table napkins and mats are by Society and all the plates, glasses and cutlery by Iitala.

At Pilcher’s Home –  Cooked by Titta - We Ate
Chickpea and Rosemary Focaccia

Homemade Buckwheat (gluten free) Pasta with Fresh Fava Beans, Wild Garlic and Ricotta

Dandelion Salad with Strawberries, Violets, Lemon Balm and Primosale Cheese

Dark Chocolate Cake with Almonds and Citrus Sauce


As photographer Roberto Boccaccino captures the moment, AFP, Agence France-Presse’s Milan bureau chief Amelie Herenstein chats to her neighbour.

Documentary director Maria Arena.

 Moleskine’s  CFO and VP Roberto Di Puma.
At Pilcher’s Home – the chef.  Titta peeps out from the kitchen. Tittacucinaitinerante, after spending years in the kitchen noting down her grandma's cooking secrets, decided to become a home chef, bringing the cooking of the Puglia region to Milan, following the rhythm of the seasons.
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