Friday, February 03, 2012

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Paris: Restaurant – Mini Palais.   The Mini Palais restaurant is situated in the Grand Palais, the majestic building that was inaugurated for the 1900 Universal Exhibition. Architects Gilles and Boissier were inspired by this rare architecture to conceive a setting in the spirit of the place. The wood, on the floor and other surfaces, and the cloth, on the walls, dominate this authentic and refined set. They are completed by elegant touches of black marble. Large mirrors placed here and there give the space a sense of infinity. On few shelves placed on the wall, plaster statues look at us and send us straight to this place, more artistic than ever. From the dining room, we discretely glimpse through few vertical windows at the Nave of the Grand Palais, in all its immensity and splendor. To complete it all, a huge patchwork of 4 meters by 12, created by Gilles Cenazandotti, dominates the dining room back wall. 

Mini Palais Restaurant. With the breadbasket, which comes from Frédéric Lalos’s oven, this Gougere with Comte cheese is brought to the table, it is similar to a Yorkshire pudding, soft fluffy and delicious. The menu was created by Eric Frechon, three-star Chef and is executed by Stephane d’Aboville. Frechon created a menu based on the product, which he loves to sublimate as always, a genuine, generous and friendly cuisine. It is also a cuisine without any superfluous or any flourishes, which corresponds to this place, with all its elegance and sobriety.  Thus, the menu evolves through the seasons to offer consistently top quality products, all selected with thoroughness and precaution. 

 Mini Palais Restaurant. Cream of Cauliflower Soup with a poached egg in the middle adorned with chives and Parmesan emulsion.  Eric Frechon deeply thought of the cuisine spirit he wished to give  to the Mini Palais. As he likes to say "it is the simplest of the best" that treats us the best and that's what he wanted to do here: a simple, authentic cuisine with goods products, without any flourishes.

  Mini Palais Restaurant. French Fries come with everything in France as a side, even with a classic Steak Tartare.
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