Saturday, February 04, 2012

PARIS: Maison et Objet - Art - Design - Food - Restaurants - Fashion - People... and more

Paris: Boutique – Hermes - Rive Gauche.  I was so looking forward to seeing the Hermes boutique in person, it is situated on the left bank inside a former swimming pool built in 1935, in the Art Nouveau style by Lucien Beguet.  It is so photogenic, that when I actually got there, it wasn’t quite as majestic as I had imagined.   However, it is very beautiful and very luxurious and has that Hermes’s low-key style, which is so chic, the space was designed by Denis Montel of the RDAI studio.

Hermes - Rive Gauche - a detail. The huge space is divided typologically by beautiful wooden sculptures that look like upside down onions. The boutique also houses a tearoom, a bookshop and a florist, as well as all the Hermes products we are so familiar with and love.

Hermes - Rive Gauche. Inside the front door, which is elegantly opened by a doorman in uniform is my favorite space, the florist.  The fresh flowers grouped by variety are so pretty and the cactuses and plants are well chosen and affordable.
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