Monday, July 04, 2011

Venice Biennale: The Russian Pavilion – Empty Zones

Venice Biennale:  Russian Pavilion – Empty Zones.  Andrei Monastyrski and Collective Actions made the Installation “11”, 2011 especially for the Russian Pavilion.   The Collective Actions group  was founded by Monastyrski in 1976 and continues its work to this day. Boris Groys, the exhibition’s curator, considers that “it was the first example in Russia of the kind of art that takes the viewer out of his usual passive condition and offers him an active role in creating an artistic event.”

Russian Pavilion – Empty Zones.  Andrei Monastyrski is one of the most important Moscow Conceptualist artists and founder of The Collective Actions group in 1976.

Seen at the Biennale: Russian graphic designer, Alexey Tobashov and artist Tania Antoshina.

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