Saturday, March 14, 2009

Milan: Women's A/W Fashion shows 09/10

Palazzo Visconti: Mailiparmi presentation. Maliparmi’s Annalisa Paresi poses with two mannequins in the first room of the stunning presentation of Maliparmi’s Autumn/Winter 2009/2010 collection. For three seasons Palazzo Visconti has provided a setting for Maliparmi’s ideas, collections, clothes and colors. Every room is a transformation expressed through different symbols, light and music. But there is more – like a museum, in every space the metamorphosis is explained through a description.

Maliparmi – a detail. A detail of the colorful prints of the suits, scarves, bags and gloves, and how they are all mixed together.

Maliparmi – a detail. A detail of the final room, a banqueting hall, an image of the metamorphosis of food. On the one hand is the dream, what might have been offered to the guests of Palazzo Visconti at the height of its splendor, on the other, is the food of today: modern and minimal. Next to each other, on a single, heavily-laden table, an immediate narrative.

Seen at the Maliparmi presentation. Roda art director and stylist, Uberta Zambelletti and interior designer and dealer, Claudio Loria.

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