Saturday, March 14, 2009

Milan: Women's A/W Fashion shows 09/10

Libreria di Via della Spiga at Gio Moretti.
Inside the Gio Moretti boutique, in the basement, is located the Libreria di Via della Spiga. Together with the bookstore in the Emporio Armani store on Via Manzoni and the Milano Libri bookshop on Via Verdi, the Libreria Di Via Della Spiga stocks the most beautiful coffee table and picture books. Adriana Strasiotto with her excellent eye and knowledge chooses the very best books and magazines from all over the world, about fashion, art, architecture and design, gardens, fads and other trendy subjects.

Libreria di Via della Spiga at Gio Moretti – a detail. A detail of one of the tables laden with the most beautiful, heavenly coffee table books.

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