Monday, March 10, 2008


Fashion: Palazzo Visconti – Maliparmi. L’Amoire (The wardrobe), is the name of the new Malparmi Autumn/Winter Collection 2008/2009, presented in a surprising and evocative setting. Guests are drawn into the grand eighteenth century Milanese Palazzo Visconti with frescoed ceilings only to discover an enchanted wood inside, conceived by set designers, Beatrice Rossetti and Elena Caponi. A winding path takes you to five separate wardrobes each one defining a type of woman, her way of being, her personality, and her objects of desire. A moment of her day.

The spokesmodel for Maliparmi. The face of the Maliparmi Spring/Summer advertising campaign is the emerging Italian actress, Ana Caterina Morariu seen here with her agent, Francesca Antinori. Ana’s debut on the international big screen, was a cameo role in the film Ocean’s Twelve, directed by Steven Soderbergh.

Flowers - detail. A detail of the glass-cases of Palazzo Visconti, which were filled with daffodils, hyacinths and moss. You can just glimpse through the door, the enchanted wood created in the grand salone, where the Maliparmi collection was presented.

The DJ – Kleopatra Jones. Elegant DJ, Juliana Osei, alias, Kleopatra Jones, who plays 360 degrees of funky and erotica music, takes her artistic name from the black actress and model, Tamara Dobson, who stared as the super agent in the film Cleopatra Jones. It was because of her 6’2 agile frame, striking dark brown face, and ultra glam 70s wardrobe complete with animal print furs, turbans, wide brimmed hats and silk pantsuits that made Dobson a super heroine and a cultural icon of the ‘70s new woman that inspired Juliana to take on the name.

Food – Pantagruel Banqueting. The catering for the Maliparmi all day event was done by Pantagruel Banqueting. They are known for their Mediterranean style food, using fresh good quality ingredients. Pantagruel caters to most fashion houses, design companies, as well as, private clients. Look at these divine looking and delicious tasting “Millefoglie” salads, created especially for Maliparmi.
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