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The Venice Glass Week - Special Mention - Premio Fondazione di Venezia - Caterina Tognon - Self-Portraits - Lilla Tabasso and Xavier F. Salomon: Omaggio a Rosalba Carriera

 Premio Fondazione di Venezia - Special Mention
Caterina Tognon Arte Contemporanea  
 Self-Portraits - Lilla Tabasso and Xavier F. Salomon: 
Omaggio a Rosalba Carriera

On the occasion of the Seventh Edition of The Venice Glass Week, Caterina Tognon Arte Contemporanea presented the publication Self-Portraits Lilla Tabasso and Xavier F. Salomon: Homage to Rosalba Carriera - until November 4 - a project by Caterina Tognon and Claudio Spini, for which the Jury of the Premio Fondazione di Venezia assigned a Special Mention.

Lilla Tabasso and Xavier F. Salomon

The volume presents works by lampwork artist 
Lilla Tabasso inspired by the last, superb self-portrait of the famous painter Rosalba Carriera - Venice - 1673 - 1757 - which is housed at the Gallerie dell'Accademia. The glass works are accompanied in the publication by a text by Xavier F. Salomon, which is composed of different botanical elements such as the laurel - which, in the painting, encircles Carriera's head - the variety of rose known as Alba - hence, the name Rosalba - and the lilac - Tabasso's favourite flower. To accompany the book presentation, the gallery exhibits six new works by Lilla Tabasso.

 Copyright G.A.V.E. archivio fotografico - courtesy Ministero della Cultura  
Galleria dell' Accademia di Venezia

"She painted her own portrait with
a garland of leaves. When she was 
asked what it meant, she answered
that is was Tragedy and that Rosalba
would end tragically, as she did in
Anton Maria Zanetti 
Remembers Rosalba Carriera

Rosalba Carriera - Self Portrait  - Venezia 1745c.
Galleria dell' Accademia di Venezia

"When the doctor's harsh sentence
threw me into the dark, he assigned
to me the narrow space that my body 
will occupy in the tomb."
Casetta Rossa  - 1916

Lilla Tabasso and Caterina Tognon

Nozomi and Akira Hara

"They know I like flowers but only
those that do not cost much. It has
now been two months that my room
is always a garden, and now is the
time of small carnations.  I always
have dozens of wonderful ones, and
if you had them, you would take
advantage in painting them."
Dusseldorf - 14 July 1714

Xavier F. Salomon
Peter Jay Sharp Chief Curator at the Frick Collection of New York

Lilla Tabasso, 
Jean Blanchaert and Fabio Zonta

Antonia Miletto and Caterina Tognon

"When, on a too bright morning,
she realized that the time had come
for her to fade, she resolved to take
leave of the world so that men would
not witness the deterioration and 
collapse of her celebrated beauty.
Perhaps the sympathy of things that 
disintegrate and fall into ruin kept her in Venice."

La Foscarini talks to Stelio about
Radiana, Countess of Glanegg,
 known for her legendary beauty.
Venice January 1883

Carla Alvera and Daniela Ferretti

Paola Marini

 Barry and Patricia Friedman

Cristina Beltrami and Fonzie

Lilla Tabasso
Omaggio a Rosalba Carriera

Please Note
Text - courtesy - The Venice Glass Week
Quotes - courtesy - Caterina Tognon Arte Contemporanea
Self-Portraits Lilla Tabasso and Xavier F. Salomon: Homage to Rosalba Carriera 


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