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Venice Hotel St. Regis - Seven days in Venice - Gianmaria Dona' dalle Rose - Lecture - Party Photos

"O God, what great Kindness have we
done in times past and forgotten it,
That thou givest this wonder unto us,
O God of waters?"
Erza Pound
Venice - St Regis Hotel
Seven Days in Venice - Party Photos 

To co-inside with the 50th anniversary of Save Venice a lecture was held in the Sala Canaletto of the St. Regis hotel to celebrate the English publication of Gianmaria Donà dalle Rose's book Seven Days in Venice - an artistic stroll in and out of hidden corners, alleyways, and wine bars - published by Settecolori. Gianmaria Donà dalle Rose comes from an ancient and aristocratic Venetian family that produced three Doges of La Serenissima, the Republic of Venice. Although Venetian by birth, he grew up in Milan, graduating from Bocconi University then specialising at Yale University. He is passionate about Venice and enjoys researching its history. His first book, L’Antipapa veneziano, vita del doge Leonardo Donà, is about the life of one of his ancestors, Doge Leonardo.
Gianmaria Donà dalle Rose 

In this book talk, author Gianmaria Donà dalle Rose introduced the English edition of his latest book - Seven Days in Venice - which guides readers through Venice while regaling them with impressions and thoughts, titbits, and anecdotes. Not a guide, not an essay, but a flânerie, this book is a short, meandering journey of seven days through the typical wine bars and small squares of Venice on the trail of personal memories that intertwine with those of illustrious foreigners who visited and lived in the city.
Barbara Berlingeri and Alessandra Donà dalle Rose
Daniele Cordero di Montezemolo, Marco Fanfani, Carlo D'Innella,
Cinzia Tito, Maria Cristina Zotta and Martina Grimani

 Matilde Zavagli
and Fabio Moretti
The Lecture
Adopted Venetian, Fredrick Lauritzen, a Byzantinist with a PHD from Columbia University, together with author Gianmaria Donà dalle Rose and journalist, writer and film critic Michele Gottardi moderated the lecture. 

 Michele Gottardi, Alessandra Morgagni and Gianmaria Donà dalle Rose
Fredrick Lauritzen and Cat Bauer

Paolo De Marzi, Alessandra
Donà dalle Rose, Nicoletta De Marzi
Gianmaria Donà dalle Rose
"Fabrizio, known to everyone as Bicio, is a great contemporary art star 
and great friend. I shall never forget when he showed up one evening with my sister at my birthday party and gave me four silkscreen prints each depicting a wicker bathub..."
Fabrizio Plessi 
photograph courtesy Judi Harvest
"Judi is a very successful New York-based artist and many of her works are based on Murano blown glass, so much so that a few years ago she took over and restored an entire furnace in Murano.   The garden in front of the furnace also contains the beehives that made up her installation Bees and Seeds, which was much talked and written about during the 2013 Biennale."
Gianmaria Donà dalle Rose and Judi Harvest

Dado Lucheschi
Gisella Simeone and Giovanna Giol

Sigrid Gloerfelt
and Alessandra Pianon

Poodle Milly barked at all the clapping





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