Saturday, April 16, 2022

Fondazione Giorgio Cini - Homo Faber - Next of Europe


 Homo Faber

Next of Europe

Curators – Jean Blanchaert – Stefano Boeri


Discover the richness of Europe’s crafts heritage through this celebration of contemporary master artisans who are not only creating objects of exception but also passing on their precious skills to talented young craftspeople.  From Poland to France to Italy to Wales - these European living treasures, represented by their unique artworks, hail from every corner and use techniques passed down from generation to generation which are inextricably linked to the region they live in. Displayed as though in a contemporary cabinet of curiosities, they reveal the breadth and depth of talent and skill among craftspeople working in Europe today. 
 Lorenzi Milano - Italy - Small Countryside Picnic Trunk - 2019 
Co-curator - Jean Blanchaert
Malvina Middleton -  Cyprus - Aether - 2018
Junko Mori - United Kingdom - Propagation Project - Surf Conch - 2019 Propagation Project - Straight Spikes - 2019

co-curator - Stefano Boeri
Josef Marek - Czech Republic - Koan - 2017 

Laurent Golay - Switzerland - Skateboard Maker
Dimitri Shabalin - Russia - Masks - 2022

 Pierre Reverdy - France - National Craft Living Treasure
Sculpture in Poetic Damascus

Pierre Reverdy - Nicole Piel - France - Le Lien - 2008

Gjertrud Hals - Norway - Ultima - 2021



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