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Venice - SPARC - Spazio Arte Contemporanea - Women I Matter - Exhibtion

SPARC - Spazio Arte Contemporanea
Women I Matter  
Barbara Pelizzon - Naomi Eller - Renata Adela - Wendy Krochmal
"It is useless for the viewer to look for something in the vision of a work of art that will comfort her. She will only find something that will tear her apart. It will be up to her to decide how to use it".
Lea Vergine
art critic 
At the Spazio Arte Contemporaneo - until November 26 - the exhibition Women I Matter, curated by Francesca Giubile and Luca Berta - Venice Art FactoryThe voice of four  women artists - Barbara Pelizzon - Naomi Eller - Renata Adela - Wendy Krochmal rises in unison to make us flinch. Sharp shards of porcelain are there to hurt us, shapeless heaps of pottery and woolen casings crawling across the floor. The work, even when it comes in the form of small votive idols, is not a soothing balm, but an amplifier of shadows. "Art", Lea Vergine explained, "is not a matter for respectable people".
Wendy Krochmal

Through her works the Belgium artist Wendy Krochmal invites the viewer to reflect on the fragility and vulnerability of the human being, which she underlines paroxysm-ally with the subjects evoking violence of war, love, the body and our first amour, the skin, these are all recurring elements in her research, which essentially takes shape in the manipulation of ceramics, directly worked by her or even in the form of everyday objects collected and rediscovered.

Wendy Krochmal


Barbara Pelizzon's artistic research refers to the recovery of poor old objects in which, according to the artists memories, her energys and emotions are stored, waiting to receive new possibilities of expression.  The artist's attention is captured by the most varied objects: from grates of confessionals, witnesses of the sense of guilt, to the fibers of mattresses, "catalysts of our dreams, which we deposit during sleep".  Barbara is also sensitive to the themes of the female universe, of which she proposes, through newspaper clippings and dolls, a raw and violent reading in relation to modern society.

Barbara Pelizzon

Barbara Pelizzon
curators - Francesca Giubile and Luca Berta


Renata Adela's artistic work is expressed through a variety of materials: from wax, bronze and clay sculptures, to mixed media illustrations, etchings and embroidery.  Her eclecticism is reflected in her studio, a gathering of ideas, collections and ceramics, natural history specimens, tapestries, fabrics and piles of drawings, which are the result of her personal research. The recurring themes range from ancient iconography to social phenomena, with particular attention to war and the sexual instincts of man connected to it.

Renata Adela

Australian artist Naomi Eller's ceramic works recall apparently primordial forms, which carry, not only the residues of memory and the weight of the passage of time, but also an almost shamanic charisma.  Whilst on her works on paper, she creates a sort of talisman in two-dimensions, perhaps even three-dimensions where it is easy to get lost in the plots of paintings mixed with collages which inhabit the space of the sheet in alternative ways; natural and abstract silhouettes, almost pictographic codes which manage to capture the itineraries of thoughts in the mind. 

Naomi Eller

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