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The Venice Glass Week - Beatrice Burati Anderson Gallery - My Fragility, My Strength - Marta Sforni - Nataliya Chernakova - Exhibition and Party Photos

Marta Sforni

Nataliya Chernakova
"Your fargility is also your strength."
Pina Bausch
Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space and Gallery 
My Fragility, My Strength
Marta Sforni - Nataliya Chernakova
In the context of The Venice Glass Week, Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space and Gallery presented the exhibition -  My Fragility, My Strength - until October 7 - inaugurating it's new Venetian gallery in Calle della Madonna - San Polo 1976 in addition to the Corte Petriana Art Space.  Two females, Marta Sforni and Nataliya Chernakova in dialogue on the provocatory theme of seduction, considered in its complementary aspects of both force and fragility, of which glass - whether it is blown, cast or painted - is the perfect metaphor.  The title of the exhibition is a tribute to the famous Pina Bausch's quote " Your fragility is also your strength".



Beatrice Burati Anderson
Gallery - Calle della Madonna - San Polo 1976
across the canal
Art Space - Corte Petriana - San Polo 1448

Marta Sforni
Marta Sforni is an internationally renowned artist, she deepens a lifelong research rooted in the great period of Flemish still life, dedicated to transparency in painting and constantly sensitive to beauty that survives time.

Nataliya Chernakova
Nataliya Chernakova develops her own inquiry on art forms as instruments for crowd manipulation, evolution of perception and the limit between kitsch and fine arts. Her exploration is essentially about the stereotypes of attraction.

 Andrew Huston and Karole Vail

Laura Onofri

Hughes le Gallais and Alexander Oppersdorff

Francesco Calzolaio
and Caroline Pagani 
Isabel Trafton and Martina Chiggato

Nataliya Chernakova
 Jane Rushton and Sigrid Gloerfelt

Clemens Kusch 

Rossella Macchioni, Maruzza Bianchi Michiel and Gaby Wagner
Judi Harvest
Marta Sforni
Laurel Francois and Xavier Saint Pierre
Leslie Genninger and Pamela Berry
Costanza Longanesi Cattani
Marta Nardi and Annina Orsini Cammerata
Across the Canal
 from the Gallery to the Art Space





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