Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Venice: Beatrice Burati Anderson - Andrew Huston - Laguna Durante – Lockdown - Party Pictures

Beatrice Burati Anderson – Art Space and Gallery
Andrew Huston
Laguna Durante – Lockdown
Party Pictures

At Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space and Gallery, a Bal Masque’ an event between Art, Music and performance on show the paintings and photographs of Andrew Huston, entitled Laguna Durante - Lockdown, curated by Danniel Rangel and Beatrice Burati Anderson. During lockdown the artist worked in his studio contemplating the main changes of the city. He also had the privilege of Venice to himself, exploring with his camera and registering the emptiness, the shadows, the details and the perceivable vibrations of this new eerie condition.

The Laguna Serra – series – 2020
Palazzo Ducale Repeat - 2020

co-curator Danniel Rangel, artist Andrew Huston
co-curator and gallerist Beatrice Burati Anderson

Guests Arrived by Boat
The guests were picked up at the Traghetto della Madoneta and welcomed to the gallery by boat.

Bal Masque’
Guests were asked to wear masks especially designed to match the paintings.

Toto da Mosto, Jane da Mosto, Andrew Huston, Chiarastella Cattana, Hugues Le Gallais, Karole Vail and Francesco da Mosto

Roberta Rossi

Paola Pirelli

Caterina Tognon and Gabriele Pimpini

Patricia de Solages

"Venice’s urban landscape is singular as it meets both horizontally and vertically within its surroundings. Here trace of architecture and historical signs, through their permutations, reflect and float into the canals. Likewise, the laguna also enters the work, there is no hierarchy of interests or things. Once in the page or the canvas, color becomes a defining attribute to complete the emotional tone of the work.”
Andrew Huston

Laguna Serra - Palazzo Ducale Repeat – 2020

 Alessandra and Alessandro Zoppi

Judi Harvest

Back Soon (but better)
Poster Initiative to Reimagine Venice’s Future

Also, in the exhibition a documentation of the project Back Soon (but better) curated by Eleonora Sovrani for We are here Venice.  This initiative, started during lockdown and is still going on, several artists were asked to give their artistic contribution to a number of posters placed around Venice.  Andrew Huston produced two posters: Never forget the quiet calli and Never forget the calm canals.  Each work is a unique piece.

Eleonora Sovrani and Jane da Mosto

Fabio Moretti and Hugues Le Gallais

Karole Vail and Michael Craig-Martin

Norbert Salenbauch and Jane Rushton

Maria Grazia Rosin, Pamela Berry and Bikim de Montebello

Lara Celeghin

Tristiano di Robilant

Ziva Kraus

Andrew Huston
Acqua Alta Ventennale

Cristina Beltrami and Servane Giol

Gilles Ellwood

“I am looking for a quiet banality, with some beauty.”
Andrew Huston

Now that the world is quiet and masked, we are obliged to look at each other’s eyes to smile, to connect or to reconnect with ourselves.  The universe silenced us for a while, so we could contemplate everything around us.  Art has never been so important to help us go on, especially in this uncertain phase and as Andrew Huston says about his photographs: “I am looking for a quiet banality, with some beauty.”

Martina Chiggiato and Sigrid Gloerfelt

Toma Clark Haines and Sabina Fay Braxton

Andrew Huston
Never Forget the Calm Canals

The artist arrived by boat
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