Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Venice: Punta della Dogana - Untitled 2020


 “Creating a dialogue between artworks that reflects the process of creation itself was the basic intention of the exhibition ‘Untitled, 2020. Three perspectives on the art of the present’.

words of the three curators


 Punta della Dogana


Untitled 2020


Punta della Dogana presents the collective exhibition Untitled, 2020, until December 13. Three perspectives on the art of the present’, conceived and curated by Caroline Bourgeois, artist and art historian, Muna El Fituri and artist Thomas Houseago. Conceived specifically for the spaces of the museum, three perspectives on the art of the present’ is the fruit of discussion and dialogue between the three curators, who are linked by longstanding personal and professional relationships. Stemming from the unique approach established by the curators, the exhibition unfolds along 18 rooms, each dedicated to a specific thread - such as Activism, Utopia and Loss - and explores the genesis and the development of the creative process, as well as the major issues that are central to contemporary art.

Room 14 – Ice

Lorna Simpson – Woman on a Snowball – 2018

This work brilliantly illustrates the difficulties faced by Black women living in a society run by the whites.




Room 1 – Standing

The fundamental fact of the human condition: getting to one’s feet, remaining standing, or refusing to kneel are all philosophical or political issues.”


Paul McCarthy – Henry Moore Bound to Fall Maquette – 2007

Teresa Burga – Sin Titulo -1967



Henry Moore - Shelter Drawing – 1940

Henry Moore Study for “Grey Tube Shelter” – 1940



David Hammons – Untitled – 2008



Nancy Grossman – T.R. – 1968



Room 3 – The Beginnings of Painting

What should be depicted and how can the spirit be freed?”


Markus Lupertz – Helm1 – 1970

Enrico David – senza Titolo – 2012



Room 4 – Death

“What we are all facing.”


 Marlene Dumas – Gelijkenis / I and II – 2002 



James “Son Ford” Thomas - Untitled - 1987

James “Son Ford” Thomas – Untitled – 1986



Room 5 – Mourning

“Mourning as an experience that we must

all deal with in our lives.”


Elliot Dubail – Untitled – 2018


Bernd Lohaus – Untitled – 1969



 Room 6 – Elemental

Natural elements reflecting the climate emergency.”


Georg Herold – Gelandete Horizonte – 1996


Copyright Llyn Foulkes - LF-Deliverance - Pinault Collection – courtesy Punta della Dogana


Room 7 – Howl

“Is howling the only option in the face of growing inequities, racism, etc.?”


Llyn Foulkes – Deliverance – 2007


 Room 8 – Sex, Rock and Roll

“A source of inspiration for many musicians and artists.”


Mike Kelley – Pink Curtain – 2005



 Room 9 - Engagement

“Can we still do something to what end?”


Joan Jonas – Mirror Pieces Installation II – 1969-2004


 The Studio

The Artist’s studio as a place for reflection and creation.”


The thematic path of the show revolves around a site-specific installation conceived by the three curators in The Cube designed by architect Tadao Ando, at the heart of Punta della Dogana: the reconstruction of an artist’s studio - inspired by Thomas Houseago’s own studio - where visitors are invited to interact with the elements that compose the space where the creative process takes place. 



Room 12 – Love is the Message

“This is the title of a work by Arthur Jafa: a collage on the issue of conditions of Blacks.”


Arthur Jafa – Love is the Message, the Message is Death – 2016

video still


Room 13 – Labour

“This work speaks for itself and highlights the exploitation of people of colour.”


Duane Hanson - Housepainter I – 1984-88



 Room 18-19 – Loss

“These two rooms tackle a temporality, existential reflections, the artist’s condition, and our own era among others.”


Thomas Houseago – Machine Wall – 2019



Jan Dibbets – Paestum Panorama – 1980



 Bruce Connor – Crossroads – 1976

film still


The exhibition presents works by over 60 artists from various generations - born between 1840 and 1995 - including an important number of artists who have their studio in Los Angeles, where Thomas Houseago and Muna El Fituri – two of the three curators - live, and who know each other, take inspiration from each other and from their respective artistic practice. The works on view come from the Pinault Collection, international museums and private collections. The show also includes a number of works created specifically for Punta della Dogana.


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