Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Zoom Preview – Friedman Benda X Glenn Adamson - Design in Dialogue #12: Alice Stori Liechtenstein and Marlene Huissoud

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Zoom Preview
Friedman Benda X Glenn Adamson – Design in Dialogue
Alice Stori Liechtenstein and Marlene Huissoud

Schloss Hollenegg for Design's, curator Alice Stori Liechtenstein and bio-designer Marlene Huissoud joined via Zoom American design curator and historian Glenn Adamson to discuss Walden, the upcoming virtual exhibition at Schloss Hollenegg, featuring a hand-knotted rug designed by Huissoud and inspired by insects.
Marlene Huissoud
Designer in Residence – Schloss Hollenegg

 “It is the time to bring nature back in our everyday life; not the romanticized, sanitized, domesticated version of it, but the gritty, wild stuff.”
As part of the world’s first online - Virtual Design Festival - produced by Dezeen in the historic rooms of Schloss Hollenegg the upcoming design exhibition entitled Walden is online May 9-31 and curated by Alice Stori Liechtenstein. The theme Walden is an emphasis on nature and seclusion which seems to be even more relevant in the current situation. Many of the projects in the exhibition are self-sufficient about finding a new approach to doing, making, living.

Designers in Residence
crafting plastics! / Charlap Hyman & Herrero / Marlène Huissoud / Klemens Schillinger
Sophie Dries / Arvid & Marie / BNAG / Thomas Ballouhey / Thomas Barger / Commonplace Studio / Marianne Drews / Jonas Edvard / Linde Freya / Marc Leschelier / mischer’traxler / Odd Matter / Marylou Petot /
Studio B Severin / Studiotut / Study O Portable / Evalie Wagner / Sander Wassink

Alice Stori Liechtenstein

“I am interested in the viability of utilizing insects and their waste streams to create future craft artifacts.”

Marlene Huissoud has collaborated with cc-tapis to produce Swarm a hand-knotted rug inspired by the constant movement of insects. Born in a family of beekeepers, Marlene’s passion for insects is reflected in the design of this rug, her first commercial project. Based on her detailed sketches, the rug intends to celebrate the importance of insects as their unique presence in the world is declining and in the past decade alone 40% of insect species in the world have gone extinct. Swarm is completely hand-knotted by Tibetan artisans. It is made using traditional eco-friendly production techniques with no dyes, chemicals or acids only un-dyed Himalayan wool.

Marlene Huissoud
Swarm Rug - produced by cc-tapis

Friedman Benda X Glenn Adamson – Design in Dialogue

Friedman Benda - Design in Dialogue - a series of online interviews hosted by curator and historian Glenn Adamson, which feature leading voices from the field – designers – makers – critics - curators - as they discuss their work and ideas. Conversations are held on Zoom at 11am EST - Mondays - Wednesdays - Fridays.
Glenn Adamson

 photograph - Federico Floriani - courtesy Schloss Hollenegg for Design
Schloss Hollenegg for Design
Walden - Virtual Online Exhibition

The exhibition can be viewed on the castle’s websites and on Instagram - @schlosshollenegg - @adorno.design - on tour Saturday - May 9 - 7pm CET - a live tour of the Schloss Hollenegg castle and its new design exhibition Walden will be conducted by curator Alice Stori Liechtenstein.

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