Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Venice – Giardini: La Biennale di Venezia - #16 International Architecture Exhibition – The Awards – Special Mention – Great Britain

The Awards - Biennale Architecture
A special mention National Participation
 Great Britain - Island
Commissioner: Sarah Mann- Architecture Design Fashion British Council
Curators: Caruso St John Architects, Marcus Taylor
A Special mention for National Participation went to Great Britain for the courageous proposal that uses emptiness to create a “freespace” for events and informal appropriation.

British Pavilion
“In past Biennales, the Pavilion has held curated exhibitions on architectural themes. This year, we have taken a different approach. There will be no exhibits; instead we have realized a structure that can be experienced like a building. There are many ways to interpret the experience of visiting Island and the state of the building suggests many themes; including abandonment, reconstruction, sanctuary, Brexit, isolation, colonialism and climate change. It is intended as a platform, in this case also literally, for a new and optimistic beginning. It is forward looking whilst acknowledging the past, whether good or bad.”
Adam Caruso, Peter St John and Marcus Taylor
2018 curators

British Pavilion
Visitors approaching the British Pavilion will find the building covered with scaffolding supporting a wooden platform at roof-level. A staircase running the length of one side of the building leads up to an elevated piazza, a place to meet or to relax amongst the tree-tops of the Giardini, open to the sky with views across the Lagoon

British Pavilion
Tea will be served at 4 pm each day, on the rooftop, with seats and umbrellas offering comfort and shade. The peak of the Pavilion’s roof projects up through the floor at the center of the space, suggesting both an island and a sunken world beneath.

British Pavilion
“But we see-

the clouds like furious ink

thick liquid sinks and

whips the wind

pitch shifted

rumble, screams from a swollen grin -

there's a big storm rolling in
Kate Tempest
artist, writer and musician
From Brews – Let Them Eat Chaos

 Both spaces, the terrace and the inside of the Pavilion, will house poetry readings and debates on architecture. A sort of public island and a haven for the castaway and the exiled, a safe haven, far from the tempests evoked by two poetic and balancing English voices: those of Shakespeare and young poet and rapper Kate Tempest.
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