Wednesday, May 16, 2018

New York: The Park Avenue Armory – Tefaf New York Spring Fair

The Park Avenue Armory
Tefaf New York Spring Fair
Tefaf is widely regarded as the world’s pre-eminent organization for fine art, antiques, and design.   It gives international dealers the platform to present museum-quality works of all eras and genres to a broad base of collectors and connoisseurs.  Tefaf runs three Fairs internationally - Tetaf Maastricht, which covers 7,000 years of art history; Tefaf New York Spring, focuses on modern and contemporary art and design; and Tefaf New York Fall, covering fine and decorative art from antiquity to 1920. It is also unrivalled in the rigor with which it checks the quality, authenticity, and condition of the works of art on sale at its fairs. Using the latest technical equipment, its vetting committees scrutinize every item to be presented, so buyers can feel confident that any object offered for sale has passed through the hands and under the eyes of leading international experts.

Peter Freeman Inc. – New York Paris
Andy Warhol – 1964

Sean Kelly – New York
Jose Davila – Untitled – 2017

Carpenters Workshop Gallery – London-Paris-New York
Vladimir Kagan – sofa
Vincenzo De Cotiis – table
Studio Drift – light
Studio Job - cat

Galerie Georges-Philippe and Nathalie Vallois – Paris
Niki de Saint Phalle – Marilyn – 1964

Galerie Perrotin – New york- Paris-Hong Kong
Hans Hartung – T1966-E14 – 1966
Hans Hartung – T1976-E12 – 1976
Pierre Soulages – Pienture 324x362 – 1986

FD Gallery – New York
Maker Unknown – Natural Saltwater Pearls

We were impressed by the caliber of collectors, museum colleagues, and fellow exhibitors, and were gratified by the reception to our presentation pairing Surrealist masterpieces and Native American masks.  For the second year, Tefaf set the bar for New York art fairs.”
 Emmanuel Di Donna
Director, Di Donna Galleries

Di Donna Galleries – New York
Max Ernst – Head of a Man – 1947
Cup’iq – Mask – c.1900
Kay Sage – Contraband – 1961

Bel Etage – Wolfgang Bauer – Vienna
Chest – The Fauna of the Earth – c.1935
Josef Hoffman – design
Franz von Zulow – painter

Gagosian – North America-Europe-Asia
John Currin – Flugel Horn – 2018
John Currin - Secretary -2018

Galerie David Ghezelbash – Paris
Egyptian Mummy of an Ibis – 750-30 B.C.

 Galerie Thomas – Munich
Gunther Uecker – Plastische Linien – Reihung – 1972

For the first time this year, the exhibitors’ museum-quality works were complemented by five monumental installations in the public spaces of the Armory’s historic Drill Hall, which together fostered a uniquely dynamic and diverse art experience, setting the stage for the Fair.
John Chamberlain – Karankawas Falls – 2003
Courtesy - Edward Tyler Nahem Fine Art

Axel Vervoordt – Antwerp Hong Kong
Fragments of a Seated Pharaoh – c.1900 B.C.
Head of a Boy - c.140-150A.D.

Tina Kim Gallery – New York
Alexander Calder – Untitled – Carousel – 1942

Galerie Thomas – Munich
Paul Klee – Portrait of a Voilet-Eyed Woman – 1921

Dansk Mobelkunst Gallery – Copenhagen-Paris
Arne Jacobsen – Drawer Units – 1958

Adrain Sassoon – London
Bouke de Vries – Guan Yin in a Square of Roses – 2018

Anthony Meier Fine Arts – San Francisco
Donald Judd – Untitled – Lascaux 89-19 – 1989

Anthony Meier Fine Arts – San Francisco
Jesus Rafael Soto – Vibracion, Bastones con Rojo – 1964

Galerie Lefebvre – Paris
Franrisek Drtikol – Cactus – 1925

Dickinson – London
Pablo Picasso – Portrait de Francoise – 1946

 Hans P. Kraus Jr. Inc. – New York
Gustave Le Gray – La Vague Brisee, Mer Mediterranee 
The Breaking Wave – 1857

Lisson Gallery – London-NewYork
Lee Ufan – From Point – 1975

Richard Green - London
Bridget Riley CH CBE – YGBR – four colours – visual violet 1983

 Dickinson – London-New York
William De Kooning – Untitled Figures – a pair of drawings – 1954

Nilufar Gallery – Milan
Jorge Zalszupin – Carrinho de cha – trolley – 1950
Gio Ponti – La Primavera – sculpture – 1950-1959

Nina Yashar

Installation - Drill Hall
Alexander Calder - Le Trois Barres
Courtesy - Van de Weghe

When Flowers meet Art
Ten Kate Flowers and Decorations


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