Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Venice Glass Week – Bauer Hotel: Vanitas – Lilla Tabasso

Lilla Tabasso

On the occasion of the first edition of The Venice Glass Week, involving over one hundred events dedicated to the art of glass, with a particular focus on that of Murano.   Vanitas, is a solo exhibition by Lilla Tabasso, born between the collaboration of the Caterina Tognon Art Gallery and Francesca Bortolotto Possati, CEO, of the Bauer Hotel, which is on show until September 17, in the hotel lobby.

“Capture the beauty of the nature, unique for its mix between the perfection and imperfection.”

Lilla Tabasso
Lilla Tabasso is a biologist, designer and artisan. Following her studies at the Faculty of Biology at Milan University, she began working with Murano glass using the ancient techniques of blowing and modeling at the flame.   Her artistic research is focused on Botany.  Her works are vases of flowers of incredible realism that draw from nature an infinite palette of colors, limpid shades and also – fundamentally for the artist – mutations and imperfections: dry branches, faded flowers and wilting leaves. These are some features that can be seen in Vanitas, a work that lends its title to this exhibition. 
Lilla Tabasso
Giacinto – unique work – 2017 – Ramo di Melo  - Unique work – 2016
Flamed Murano Glass – hand-blown and modeled
Vanitas - Lilla Tabasso

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