Thursday, May 11, 2017

Venice Biennale Speciale: Around Town-Wednesday Evening-Openings – Paul Benney – Thomas Braida – John Smith

Chiesa di San Gallo

Paul Benney – Speaking in Tongues

In the church of San Gallo, Paul Benney’s epic painting, ‘Speaking in Tongues’, together with an holophonic sound installation, until November 26 is curated by James Putnam and Flora Fairbairn.  In this work, Benney brings together twelve of his contemporaries to individually express a spiritual awakening—a state of grace. He seeks to demonstrate that a singular piece of art can promote an understanding between disparate ideologies and engagement in a shared spiritual dialogue. 

Paul Benney


Paul Benney – Speaking in Tongues - Reliquary

The ‘Reliquary’ series, consisting of two tryptics, appear alongside ‘Speaking In Tongues’ and form an important part of this installation. They re-emphasize the spiritual metaphor of the flame as a representation of the human spirit.


Campo San Gallo

Palazzo Nani Bernardo

Thomas Braida  - Solo

At Palazzo Nani Bernardo, Thomas Braida exhibition, until June 5 is curated by Caroline Corbetta.  The site-specific exhibition has been conceived for the magical rooms of the piano nobile of the palazzo. 

Thomas Braida – Grande Natura Morta Non Finita  - 2017 

Thomas Braida

Thomas Braida – I Fratelli Calamazzoff – 2017

Curator Caroline Corbetta and Francesco Vezzoli

  Thomas Braida - Angoletto – 2010

Elisabetta Cernoschi Lucheschi


Alma Zevi

John Smith – Films in Sheep’s Clothing

At the Alma Zevi gallery, John Smith's first solo show in Italy, four seminal video pieces are on view, until July 22. The Girl Chewing Gum - 1976 – (above), Om - 1986, Dad's Stick – 2012, and Steve Hates Fish – 2015. John Smith is one of the most influential video artists and avant-garde film-makers working today. His film The Girl Chewing Gum (1976), is widely acknowledged as one of the most important avant-garde films of the 20th century. An international point of reference for conceptual artists, video artists, and experimental film-makers,

Alma Zevi and John Smith

John Smith – Om - 2107

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