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Mart Rovereto: Focus – Mario Sironi in the Allaria Collection

 Photograph Jacopo Salvi - Courtesy Mart

Mart Rovereto: Focus – Mario Sironi in the Allaria Collection. The exhibition, Focus – Mario Sironi in the Allaria Collection at Mart Rovereto, until June 11 is curated by Alessandra Tiddia and Daniela Ferrari. The exhibition showcases the recent permanent deposit from Alessandra Allaria of her father’s Antonio Allaria’s collection. The collection comprises of a large group of drawings and paintings by Mario Sironi (1885-1961), which reinforces the museums already significant presence.

Mario Sironi – Composizione Murale – 1934
Alessandra Allaria

Mario Sironi – Portrait Antonio Allaria – 1950

Antonio Allaria was a young physician when he arrived at the Codivilla Hospital in Cortina d’Ampezzo from Bologna in 1946. He stayed, on and eventually became Head of Orthopedics. The hospital was not only where he met his future wife, but also where his friendship with Mario Sironi began while the artist was being treated for his arthritis in 1947. 

 Mario Sironi – Paesaggio – 1930
Mario Sironi – Due Nudi di Donna – 1928-1930


 Medardo Rosso – La Portinaia -1883-1884

Alessandra Tiddia, co-curator with Daniela Ferrari and the director of Mart, Gianfranco Maraniello


Mario Sironi – Figura d’Uomo – 1926

Mario Sironi  - Bozzetto per affresco dell’Aula Magna dell’Universita La Sapienza di Roma – 1935

Organized by thematic nuclei, the exhibition features a large group of drawings and paintings by Sironi that allows the artist’s most intimate dimension to emerge, delineating several key points in his artistic enquiry: from the earliest dalliances with Futurism to the modern classicism of the Novecento group to the most mature phase of his work.

Anton Zoran Music – 1909-2005) – Censimento Appenninico – 1969

Completing the exhibition are mono-graphic rooms dedicated to Anton Zoran Music, Renato Guttuso and Graham Sutherland, also linked to Allaria through friendship.

Giorgio de Chirico – Fiori – 1969
Filippo de Pisis – Pierrot – 1942

Graham Vivian Sutherland – Composizione Vegetale (arancio) - 1969

Letter from Mario Sironi to Antonio Allaria

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