Monday, June 13, 2016

Venice – Giardini - Pavilions: The 15th International Architecture Biennale – Austria

The Austrian Pavilion - Places for People
Commissioner/Curator: Elk Elke Delugan-Meissl with Liquid Frontiers
Exhibitors: Caramel architects, EOOS, the next ENTERprise architects

Austria. Due to the refugee crisis, this contribution to the 2016 Architecture Biennale is not limited to the pavilion in Venice but also includes three ongoing projects in Vienna. More concretely, three teams were commissioned to work together with NGOs not only to design the conversion of empty buildings into temporary accommodation for people whose asylum claims are being processed but also to accompany these buildings in the longer term. The objectives of these interventions are to subject the social responsibility of architecture to a reality check, to provide humane places to live for those affected and to present the results in Venice to a broader public.
Above. On the concrete platform in front of the pavilion which can be used by visitors in a variety of ways.

Austria. One special feature of Austria’s Contribution to the 2016 Architecture Biennale is the fact that the eponymous “Places for People” are real places in Vienna. In this sense, the pavilion in Venice is primarily a display space. At the same time, however, this exhibition space is also a further “Place for People” in the sense that it offers an opportunity to experience those same special spatial and social qualities, which lie at the heart of the entire project.  A concrete platform in front of the pavilion can be used by visitors in a variety of ways fully in keeping with the programmatic title while a second display inside the building presents a selection of 20 photographs in the form of posters, which can be taken away. The images feature the development process of the three interventions, which was documented photographically by Paul Kranzler during a period of almost five months.  A third display presents the projects. Here, one can take a free newspaper, which contains comprehensive information about the entire project.

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