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Venice – Arsenale - Pavilions: The 15th International Architecture Biennale – Chile

Photograph courtesy Chilean pavilion

The Chilean Pavilion - Against the Tide
Commissioner: Cristobal Molina (National Council of Culture and the Arts of Chile)
Curators: Juan Roman, Jose Luis Uribe
Exhibitors: Felipe Aranda, Ximena Caceres, Claudio Castillo, Ximena Céspedes, Gabriel Garrido, Carolina Guerra, Juan Francisco Inostroza, Yasna Monsalve, Felipe Muñoz, Daniel Prieto, Javier Rodríguez, Jonnattan Silva, Carolina Solís, Tanya Vera, Cesar Verdugo

"The proposal focuses on the problem of the transformation of rural areas, associated with processes of agribusiness exploitation, and poses a critical look through the construction of a series of projects that relate to this new landscape".

Chile.  Against the Tide, exhibits the work of a generation of 15 young architects who have conceived, financed, designed, and constructed small architectural projects in order to obtain their professional degree in architecture. These projects have been built with minimal means, with leftover resources from agricultural processes and local materials easily available in a rural environment. The pavilion presents fifteen projects chosen for the exhibition, examining the training of these architects, and the customs of an extraordinary territory in Chile, outside the urban centers. “Against the Tide” speaks to the contrary direction in which some things move, accenting the customs and landscape of a rural world of forestry and agriculture, aiming to improve people’s everyday lives through architecture.
Above. Filipe Munoz – Remains Facing the Horizon – 2012 - Pelluhue. To foster tourism on the Chilean coast in an area affected by an earthquake and a tsunami, the pavilion salvages and reuses wood thrown up by the tsunami on the beach of Pelluhue to create a densely structured landmark recognizable within the landscape.

Photograph courtesy Chilean pavilion


 The Chilean Pavilion - Against the Tide
Agua Santa Ceremonial Plaza - 2014

Ximena Careres

Chile. The design draws on a geometry that evokes the sacred, transforming a barren summit into a landmark through a construction of a circular, introspective space.

Photograph courtesy Chilean pavilion

The Chilean Pavilion - Against the Tide

Trash Deposit Stop – 2009

Cesar Verdugo

Chile. Located in one of the most polluted places in the locality of Armerillo. Because of its remoteness and easy access to the canal, people use this place as a garbage dump. The aim of the project is to provide a public space for the people of the community.  Situated in an intermediate point, it creates a nexus by means of the arrangement of a series of rigid elements, framed by recognizable local landmarks. Thus, the user can include several distinct moments: deposit their trash, wash their hands, and pause to enjoy the surrounding landscape.

  Photograph courtesy Chilean pavilion Labarca rocco Junio 2011

Chilean Habitantes
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