Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New York: Design – Javits Convention Center - ICFF - Highlights

New York: Design – Javits Convention Center - ICFF. The annual ICFF, North America’s platform for global design, maps the newest frontier in design. The encyclopedic exhibition also offers a series of edifying programs, and a packed schedule of exhibits features and talks.


Sam Hecht and Kim Colin – Run
table and bench

Run effortlessly finds balance in both indoor and outdoor landscapes suited for meeting, eating, learning, sharing and working. Run is shaped to acknowledge the benefits of being around others, so tables are welcoming and useful, made to work purposefully well with many of Emeco’s existing chairs and stools, including the original Navy Chair.
Sam Hecht - Industrial Facility - London
Photogrpah courtesy Emeco

  “With Run, Sam Hecht and Kim Colin have designed a collection of “pure utility.” Whether long or short, high or low, inside or outside, Run is a system that provides an architect or designer an adaptable tool that works for any application.”

 Gregg Buchbinder – CEO - Emeco

Ola Rune, Madson and Gregg Buchbinder and Marva Griffin Wilshire

Wiener Silber Manufactur

Ted Muehling – Heart

Seen at ICFF Jeffrey Bernett

Bernhardt  Design

Noe Duchaufour-Lawrance

Bernhardt  Design

Noe Duchaufour-Lawrance – Chapelle Sofa


Bernhardt’s Jerry Helling


“Balancing background and foreground, texture, color and pattern to create immersive environments, we are continually exploring the expressive possibilities of living space. We work to blend the beauty, play and abstractions of art with the functional utility of design, thereby creating a product that inspires and invigorates the backdrops of our lives.”

Calico’s Rachel and Nick Cope


Cirrus - non-repeating wallpaper
An atmospheric collection, inspired by the formation of clouds.

Calico Wallpaper began with the inspiration to move art beyond the frame and incorporate its elements into everyday interior spaces. Through experimentation with the re-appropriation of traditional art forms, and the digital enlargement of unique, handmade patterns, the idea was born to create custom fit, non-repeating wall murals.


Seen at Calico Pilar Viladas

Beyond Object

Funno - Pencil Sharpener + Paper Weight

Funno is a pencil sharpener machined from a solid block of metal and hand polished with mirror finish. While the minimalistic design eliminates traces of this object as a tool, it has a mysterious appearance that invites viewers to touch and interact with it.

Beyond Object

Orbis – Fruit Bowl

Obris is a tray collection aimed at challenging the visual balance of objects. Through attaching a simple base to a circular band at a minimal point, an illusion of suspension in space is created.

Beyond Object is a design-led brand focusing on desktop objects and home accessories. We believe functional objects can be designed and crafted as art.”

Beyond Object designer – Han Hsi Chen

Tom Dixon

Copper Shade

The familiar sphere gets squashed then stretched to create a new pair of complimentary forms in the trademark mirrored copper, allowing new clusters to be formed, lower ceilings to be illuminated or narrow corridors to be colonised by the Copper family.

Seen at ICFF Paul Makovsky and Dalia Stoniene

Now carpets

Arik Levy – Landscape Collection
wool – bamboo

The Landscape Collection is not just a tribute to the greatness of nature, but an evocative experience. It's a sensory journey, involving touch, sight and memories we all share of sounds and scents. The Earth seen from a certain altitude shows all its glory: the more one rises, the more the shapes of nature as we know them from a human point of view, change their identity, exploding in a symphony of colors, textures and complex geometries that create an emotion.



Round Weave – Garden party

Shore is an innovative rug company, their resourceful use of synthetic materials makes full use of the essential benefits and capabilities. Each Shore Rug is handmade and unique, developed closely with silicone manufacturers in the heart of England’s historic weaving industry and woven entirely by hand in London. Simple in composition and perfected in construction, they are timeless, honest, and  can last for years.

The unique deep weave structure of a Shore Rug offers cushioned support as well as a textured, dynamic surface. This provides a massage-like experience as well as proprioceptive feedback, heightening the balance skills necessary to maintain stability, agility, and coordination skills and are excellent anti-fatigue mats and work great in offices and workplaces underfoot at standing desks.

“At Shore, we believe a rug can be both beautiful and exceptionally functional.”

Shore designers – Gil Muller and Louie Rigano

Sawkill Lumber

Louie Lim – Rocking PacMan

Rocking PacMan is a bench about trust, balance and opposition. It is best described as a ‘love seat see-saw; it requires at least two people to activate it; sitting on opposing ends, rocking each other back and forth as on a rocking chair, while stopping one’s partner with their feet.”

The piece is made from reclaimed White Oak, recovered by Sawkill Lumber from a mid –century New York City distillery from an old vermouth barrel

Louie Lim

Sawkill Lumber

Louie Lim – Rocking PacMan


Mirth Studio

Sally Bennett - Patterned Hardwood Tiles

The patterned hardwood tiles come in over one hundred designs


Mirth Studio

Sally Bennett - Peel and Stick Patterned Floor Decals

The Peel and Stick Patterned Floor Decals tile designs are printed onto durable, adhesive backed vinyl, using the most cutting edge printing technology available. The 24" x 24" sections are then laminated to take some serious abuse. The low tack, re-adjustable adhesive backing make them a breeze to install and will not damage the existing floor.  

 Mirth Studio - artist and designer – Sally Bennett

Donal Baugh

Cone and Omar Pendants

The Pendants boast a hand sprayed color interior which creates an ombre illusion when switched on. The futuristic form is of a solid wood piece and has subtle angles that are individually finished and sealed with clear lacquer.


"I believe that form should come first, closely followed by function."

Donal Baugh

Donal Baugh creates bespoke lighting that perfectly balances modern silhouettes and playful colors, all hand crafted from a selection of woods and color pallets.


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