Wednesday, March 30, 2016

New York: Architectural Digest – DIFFA - Dinning by Design

 “Continuing our use of bold graphics and inspiring messages, this year’s table is powerful and memorable: Hope Love DIFFA.”

New York: Architectural Digest – DIFFA - Dinning by Design. In conjunction with the Architectural Digest Design Show in New York, Dinning by Design is DIFFA’s - Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS - the marquee event showcased designers, manufacturers, and creative individuals to design an array of dining installations. All event proceeds go toward DIFFA's work to fight HIV/AIDS to raise awareness that the fight against HIV/AIDS is not over and demonstrate the power we have to combat this disease.
Above.  Interior Design by Ali Tayar – produced by SilverLining Interiors.

  Photograph credit Marion Curtis StarPix

DIFFA Chairwoman and editor in chief of Interior Design Cindy Allen and Margaret Russell editor in chief of Architectural Digest

Gensler + 3form + Herman Miller

"To symbolize reflection and togetherness, we created a heart that bonds two AIDS awareness ribbons.  Book-ended by mirrored planes, they repeat perpetually to honor the selflessness and generosity of those who support DIFFA and the larger fight against HIV/AIDS.  Their infinite hearts save infinite lives.”

Rockwell Group + Knoll – Jon Burgerman

“…the “ultimate whiteboard” experience, an all white room with Knoll Piton stools surrounding a white Knoll Reff table. Artist Jon Burgerman transformed every surface, embodying the creative environment that Knoll products inspire.”
Artist – Jon Burgerman

Baccarat For Modern Luxury’s Manhattan Magazine

“For over 250 years, Baccarat has been a catalyst for celebration, an icon of exquisite moments.  Gracing the tables of royalty, dignitaries, celebrities and taste-makers, Baccarat turns every instance into a rare and precious moment.”

 The New York Times – Lladro – Darrin Varden Design

“The written word, porcelain art and great design each posses the power to touch, move and inspire. “Black and White and Read All Over” is a love letter to the Gray Lady by Varden and Lladro in their own artistic vocabulary.”

  Darrin Varden


Design Within Reach – Icrave

“ We invite you to an imagined poolside, somewhere in a Californian desert, as late afternoon turns to early evening.   The floating planes, bold colors, and striking “shadows’ evoke Palm Springs’ utopian modernism and transport you to a breezy retreat.”

Robert Allen @Home – Madcap Cottages

“Celebrating the launch of the Madcap Cottages for Robert Allen @ Home Collection, “Into the Garden” is a tented wonderland of floral fever and whimsy. Embrace pattern inspired by far-flung travels, and step inside a sophisticated, fresh, fantastical journey.”

Madcap Cottages’s John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon

Luxe Interiors + Design with Liaigre – Sasha Bikoff

“Christian Liaigre is known for amazingly chic and sleek woodwork, so this space translates that into something more vibrant that displays the furniture in a new light with de Gournay’s “Le Eden” wallpaper transforming the room into a rainforest.”


Sasha Bikoff


New York School of Interior Design

“Action=Life: A dynamic geometry evoking action, the triangle represents the three important characteristics of a fighter-strenght, courage and perseverance.  The triangles shape and environment that reminds us of the importance of fighting for those with HIV and AIDS.”

Gianna Parisi, Samantha Pendleton and Shannon Epstein
3 of thestudents together with Peter Agnew of the project
Mentor: Tyler Wisler  Professor: Rene Estacio

Pratt Institute

Hope is the belief that positive things can happen.  It gives us the will to survive despite insurmountable obstacles, and allows us to dream of a better day.  We use triangles, representing the symbol for Silence = Death, to stand for the 36.9 million living and infected with HIV and AIDS.  Each triangle represents 10,000 individuals.  The lighted centerpiece is the hope that as time goes on and progress continues to be made, the number will decrease and eventually disappear as a result of the work of DIFFA funded organizations who work on this issue.”

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