Thursday, May 07, 2015

Venice: Fondazione Prada – Portable Classic exhibition.

Venice: Fondazione Prada – Portable Classic exhibition.  The exhibition ‘Portable Classic’ at the Fondazione Prada, until September 13, is co-curated by Salvatore Settis and Davide Gasparotto, it explores the origins and functions of miniature reproductions of classical sculptures, showcasing more than 80 artworks. Both in ancient Rome and modern Europe a true ‘canon’ of sculptures was created, considered as an undisputed peak of excellence of a given subject. Their prestige was so high that, since it was almost impossible to acquire the originals, their reproductions, even on a small scale, were eagerly sought for by well-read audiences. An example of this is the ‘Farnese Hercules’, displayed in a 317 cm high plaster cast exhibited next to a series of modern smaller-scale reproductions in marble, bronze and terracotta, measuring 15 to 130 cm.
Above. Manifattura Ginori di Doccia – Farnese Hercules – c. 1800; painted and gilded porcelain.

 Lars Muller, Giulia and Tonchi Foscari

Astrid Welter


Giulio Bono and Ritsue Mishima

Fondazione Prada – Portable Classic – 3 works by Pier Jacopo Alari Bonacolsi called Antico

Belvedere Apollo – c.1490; bronze, partially gilded – Marcus Aurelius – 1519-1528; gilded bronze – Venus Felix – c.1510; bronze partly gilded, silver inlays

Claude Cousseau, Giulio Sangiuliano Ombline d’Avezac, Fabrice Hergott and Carla Sozzani

Catherine Orentreich

Paola Manfrin, Marco Voena and Umberta Gnutti Beretta

Jacopo Jarach with Antonio Chichi – Arch of the Argentarii (“Arch of Septimius Severus”) – 1783-1788

Darrell Vydelingum and Justin Simons

Cesare Cunaccia with Barberini Faun Plaster

Luisa Beccaria and Aud Cuniberti

Fondazione Prada – Portable Classic – Bernardino Licinio -
Sculptor and His Pupils – c. 1533 – oil on canvas

Vika Gazinskaya and Maria Baibakova


Claudio Guenzani and Valentina Donnini


Francesca Malerba and Luca Stefanutti


Luca Bombassei, Roberta Galfione Lomo and Elio Messi

Laura Cocchis and Franca Goppion

Diana Muller
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