Sunday, May 10, 2015

Venice: Biennale – Around Town – Palazzo Tiepolo Passi – Judi Harvest - Room of Dreams


Venice: Biennale – Around Town – Palazzo Tiepolo Passi – Judi Harvest  - Room of Dreams. “At Palazzo Tiepolo Passi, for the Dialogue of Fire exhibition, I was invited to create an everyday, universal object. I chose the pillow, where we rest our heads when we dream. I constructed an installation of pillows using handmade Murano glass, the ancient material associated with Venice, together with sound, scent and light evoking beautiful dreams.”


Judi Harvest - Room of Dreams. “In this Venetian Palace bedroom, I have placed eighteen glass pillows made on the island of Murano on a round mattress that echoes the ceiling fresco above the installation. The mattress is filled with lavender from my Murano Honey Garden, where I began a colony of bees, a link to my installation during the last Venice Biennale, “Denatured: Honeybees + Murano”. Lavender is known to induce a state of relaxation, the prelude to sleep. The installation is an ethereal reminder that while our dreams may be a challenge to realize, nothing is impossible.”

Judi Harvest - Room of Dreams. “The intensely colored glass pillows reference the colors of Venice and the Tiepolo-style fresco on the room’s ceiling. Some of the pillows are mirrored Venetian glass that reflect the fresco, others are made of shimmering Murano glass and gold leaf. A few bear the impression of a human head, while others appear to have two impressions -- a pillow shared by lovers or friends. Some have no impression at all, as if waiting for someone to lay down their head.”
Above. Judi Harvest.

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