Sunday, May 10, 2015

Venice: Biennale - Around Town - May 8

Venice: Palazzo Cesari Marchesi – The Pool NYC - A Palace with a View group exhibition.   The Pool NYC’s group exhibition, A Palace with a View, in the Palazzo Cesari Marchesi is on show until June 30. The exhibition is inspired by the traditional rooms found in Venetian Palaces and Villas such as the music room, the study, the portrait gallery, the library, the winter garden and the dining room. Each selected artist presents works that interpret the rooms of the palace in a contemporary language. The aim is to breath new life into an historical place through different media used by contemporary artists represented by paintings, drawings, prints, video, photographs and hand-carved sculptures.
Above. Bertozzi and Casoni - “Waiting” - 2013.

The Pool NYC – Gigi Franchin, Viola Romoli and Lorenzo Marcelli Flori

The Pool NYC – The Dining Room. The dining room hosts a dining table set up with the ceramics by Andrea Salvatori and optical works by Ludwig Wilding.

The Pool NYC – The Winter Garden.
 In the winter garden  a hyper-realistic ceramic work by Bertozzi and Casoni.

The Pool NYC – Nicola Bolla - Urinatoi

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