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NEW YORK: Design Week – Highlights - Collective Design.

NEW YORK: Design Week – Collective Design. At Starlight Clarkson Sq. the Collective Design exhibition is on view until May 17. Collective Design is dedicated to exploring the significance of design across creative disciplines and everyday life; from mid-century furniture, to contemporary design, from glass object to jewelry, across a range of styles and materials that form an appealing eclectic selection of works. Through its annual fair, Collective Design illuminates both the design process and the diversity of today’s material culture, originating a robust series of conversations and education programs to foster dialogue, encourage the exchange of ideas, and build a growing audience for collectible design.
Above. The front and back of the 1953 Daring Design LeMans  Concept Convertible Cadillac. Cadillac is the Exclusive Automotive Sponsor of Collective Design fair; it also presents the First-Ever ATS-V Coupe.  The two iconic vehicles exemplify Daring Design, featured in the special installation, which celebrates Cadillac’s rich design history, artistic integration of technology, and commitment to craftsmanship.

Collective Design – Special Exhibitions - Collective Focus: Italy. Each year, Collective Design’s Focus presentation features influential design from a particular country or region. In 2015 the special presentation highlights the enduring impact of Italian design on artists and designers from across the globe, and features objects from fair exhibitors. Stefano Tonchi, editor-in-chief of W magazine, curated this year’s Collective Focus: Italy exhibition, which enhances understanding of the significance of Italian design on the field at large.
Above. Stefano Tonchi editor-in-chief of W. 

Michele De Lucchi – Kristall Side Table – Italy – 1981.  
Carlo Zen (attributed) - Satinwood Armchair – c.1900.
 Carlo de CarliModel no. 82 Lounge Chair – Italy – 1954. 
Michele De Lucchi – Polar Side Table – Italy 1984.

“When I look at the last century of Italian design, I find it impossible to see clear boundaries between style and genres, schools and movements.  In Italy the past is always present. …. Accumulation and layering are the language of Italian design more than elimination and revolutions: in Italy, design is a dialogue between past and present that simply never stops.” Stefano Tonchi writes.
Ettore Sottsass – Sirio Vase – Italy – 1983
Max Ingrand – Pair of Wall Scones – Italy - 1959

Photograph by Adrien Dirend, 2015, Owenscorp courtesy LMD/studio

Collective Design – LMD/Studio
Rick Owen Alchimist Chair – 2015 – bronze with Brutalist finish

Collective Design – Special Features – Dana Barnes Studio. Dana Barnes’s Endolith Casts is a new seating series that extends her explorations of textural composition and incorporates spontaneous knotting and meticulous shearing techniques. The presentation references lichen and its complex relationship with the unyielding materials it colonizes to produce quiet explosions of unexpected, texturally intricate forms and color.

Dana Barnes

Collective Design – Friedman Benda
Installation with pieces by Wendell Castle and Micha Kahn


Collective Design – Friedman Benda
 Wendell Castle

Collective Design – Friedman Benda
Michal Kahn and his Saturday Morning Series - 2013


Collective Design – Friedman Benda

Barry Friedman and Marc Benda

Collective Design – Ornamentum

Jaydan Moore

 Photograph courtesy Ornamentum


Collective Design – Ornamentum
Jiro Kamata – Bi necklace – 2014 – oxidized silver, biochromatic glass

Collective Design – Ornamentum
Susan Grant Lewin with gallerists Stefan Friedemann and Laura Lapachin

Photograph courtesy Modernity

Collective Design – Modernity
Hans Wegner for Getama, Denmark, 1950 – flag halyard, chromed steel, white lacquered steel – first edition – wooden feet

Collective Design – De Vera
Andreas CaderasRabbit Kogo Box


Collective Design – De Vera 
Federico de Vera – Bib necklace

 Photograph courtesy Memphis-Post Design Gallery

Collective Design – Memphis-Post Design Gallery 
Ettore Sottsass – Casablanca – 1981 – sideboard – plastic laminate, internal shelves

Collective Design – Memphis-Post Design Gallery 
Alberto Bianchi Albrici

 Photograph courtesy Nicholas Kilner

Collective Design – Nicholas Kilner

Carlo Zen (attributed) – Italy 1900 – satinwood armchair – veneer satinwood, brass, mother of pearl, upholstery.

Collective Design – Gallery Loupe

Attai Chen


Collective Design – Gallery Loupe
Eva Eisler

Collective Design – Gallery Loupe  
Patti Bleicher and Eileen David

Collective Design – Kinder Modern  

Italian Chairs – 1960 – enameled metal, plywood, leather like backing


Collective Design – Todd Merrill Studio Contemporary  

OLEK  - Swivel Thrones: #You #Ribcage # Regret #Risk – 2015 – hand crocheted – unique

Collective Design - Todd Merrill Studio Contemporary
Todd Merrill with Shari Mendelson – Assorted Plastic Vessels – 2014-15 – plastic, hot glue, acrylic polymer, resin and paint - unique

Madeline Weinrib Atelier
Madeline Weinrib

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