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Milan - Salone del Mobile: Ventura Lambrate

Milan - Salone del Mobile: Ventura Lambrate

Ventura Lambrate - Design Academy Eindhoven - Eat Shit exhibition. Eat Shit” was the first exhibition of the Design Academy Eindhoven’s new department Food Non Food for the Salone del Mobile. The entire department (18 students and teachers) transferred to Milan for the event, which delved into the politics of how, where and why we eat.  In a part exhibition, in part a public laboratory format.  The event was co-curated by the new department head Marije Vogelzang along with Jan Konings. In it we shared projects concerning contemporary food culture while exploring the necessary relationship between education and exhibition. 

Design Academy Eindhoven - Eat Shit exhibition. Arne Hendriks - Pigeon Shit Tower – Retro-fitting a Guano factory into the National Monument on Dam Square, Amsterdam. Pigeon pop used to be a highly valued fertilizer for food crops.  The pigeon Towers of Isfahan in Iran were industry-sized shit factories, housing thousands of pigeons and located among the agricultural fields of the valley.  As the world is facing depleting stocks of readily available artificial fertilizers perhaps it is time to re-evaluate the city’s pigeon’s bad reputation and appreciate them for their ability to create high quality shit.  The tower is made from digested old newspapers.

Ventura Lambrate – We Make Carpets.  We Make Carpets does not make carpets. At least, not the kind of carpet you can walk on. The carpets are not meant to be touched either. But it sometimes happens anyway.  From a distance it may look like a carpet but you have to come close to see it is actually made of clothes pegs. Or some other everyday product.
Above. Peg Carpet - was commissioned by the Graphic Design Museum in Breda, The Netherlands.

We Make Carpets – Bob Waardenburg and Marcia Nolte, who together with Stijn van der Vleuten are the We Make Carpets designers. The collective shares the fascination for everyday archetypical products. ‘We love form. We love simplicity. None of us three works in an expressionistic style. Maybe that is what unites us.” 

We Make Carpets – Pasta Carpet was made at Marcia's Studio in Amsterdam. In the hands of the collective, objects of use take on a new value. Pasta is no longer pasta. ‘It is our material,’ they emphasis. 

Ventura Lambrate – Piet Bergman – What About the Peanuts – restaurant. What about the Peanuts!!! This year’s crew, with creative chef Piet Bergman in charge, served French fries again! Besides that, lots of vitamins will be served: fresh juice, soups, salads… handcrafted Bitterballs and special local beers., +31 647035990

Ventura Lambrate – Piet Bergman – What About the Peanuts

Seen at Ventura Lambrate architects Paolo Bornello and Marcello Ziliani

Ventura LambrateAarhus School of Architecture  - Engaging Through Architecture - and Making a Difference. The Danish, Aarhus School of Architecture  exhibited Engaging Through Architecture - and Making a Difference. Twelve curated architectural projects and experimental building elements in 1:1 highlight the school’s theme.
Above. Studio Context – Cocoon II. The exhibited projects include Cocoon II, a reconstruction of a digitally generated pavilion built using craftsmanship methods, which students from the Aarhus School of Architecture recently designed and built in India in cooperation with Indian architecture schools and local craftsmen.


 Aarhus School of Architecture  - Engaging Through Architecture - and Making a Difference - curator Karen Kjærgaard

Aarhus School of Architecture  - Engaging Through Architecture - and Making a Difference. Anne Mette, Thisgaard Lund and Signe Bjerringholm Ross – Re-thinking Re-Sources. “ Testing reused materials is a way to engage new and different environments into architecture.  It creates new possibilities and is a way to explore a different architectural focus and expression.”

Aarhus School of Architecture  - Engaging Through Architecture - and Making a Difference. Troels Thorbjornson and Kasper Baarup – Play the Strings. The project Play The Strings fills the lower floor with light and sound. “Play The Strings engages through architecture, when new spatial potentials occur as a direct result of the installation’s interaction with its contextual conditions and humans as well as occurring input.”
Ventura Lambrate – Plus Design Gallery - Fire Walk with Me. Plus Design Gallery presented Fire Walk with Me, an exhibition of three international designers; Ilias Lefas, Aart Van Asseldonk and Dirk Vander Kooij, reflecting on the idea of the focolare (domestic heath), a symbol for home and the fire burning within ourselves. 
Above. Flare Stack - Aart Van Asseldonk
Plus Design Gallery - Fire Walk with Me - Fresnel Lights by Dirk Vander Kooij

Plus Design Gallery’s  Andrea Caputo

Ventura Lambrate – Giopato and Coombes Editions – I Flauti. The handblown Murano glass LED lamps “I Flauti”, designed by the Anglo-italian design team Giopato and Coombes, combines tradition and technology in search for a new equilibrium between innovation and its context. This contrast creates an object almost lost in time, frozen between the past and the future.

Christopher Coombes and Cristina Giopato
“On the way to Murano by boat, docking at the Fondamenta dei Vetrai and beginning to wander from one alleyway to another, in search of the right “soffio”, or breath, that would work for the project that I had in my bag. The colors of the houses, the colors of the sky on the first day of sunshine after so much rain, the warmth of the people, at first shy, and then very generous; it reminds me of growing up, the memories of ancient and modern glass that have accompanied me since childhood. Then finding the right people, and the exchange of ideas between designer and master glass blower.” Cristiana Giopato.



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