Thursday, April 30, 2015

Milan - Salone del Mobile: Le 5 Vie Art + Design Party

Milan - Salone del Mobile:  Le 5 Vie Art + Design Party. In the heart of the historic district of Milan in the 5 Vie District or 5 streets, boutiques, design and art galleries, showrooms, garages and courtyards were kept opened for late night partying during the Salone.  
Above. The Pool NYC installed the art works of - Patrick Jacobs - Window with Radiator # 4 - along the 5 Vie district. The luminescent portholes are proper light boxes functioning through a LED light and two convex lenses that create an illusionary depth.

Wait and See – Marisa Mantero and Wait and See’s Uberta Zambeletti

Wait and See.  For the Salone del Mobile, the concept store Wait and See and Traslochi Emotivi announced the finding of an antique collection of perfume bottles belonging to a divinely elegant and eccentric collector. During this occasion “E’ Senza” (without scent), was launched: a fragrance stemming from the notes found in the diaries of the collector, an ensemble of rare essences dating back to the origins of the history of perfume.


Wait and See – Le case d’Arte dealer Pas Leccese and Traslochi Emotivi’s Giulia Curra

Wait and See – Confetti descended onto the partygoers

Wait and See – Gnambox Cafe. Gnambox is a foodie social project born from the designers desire to tell their passions through food.

Wait and See – Gnambox’s Riccardo Casiraghi and Stefano Paleari

Wait and See – Gnambox Café – drinks - E Senza Zenzero and Cedro

Wait and See – Minimal Usa’s Bartolomeo Bellati

Seen in the 5 Vie – Vogue’s Carlo Ducci and T magazine’s Tom Delavan

Seen in the 5 Vie – Giampaolo Zambeletti

Seen in the 5 Vie – Pupi Visconti di Modrone

Le 5 Vie Art + Design Party – BDDW. BDDW is the small American furniture company dedicated to the creation of well-crafted timeless designs.  All the pieces are designed by the company’s founder Tyler Hays.

BDDW Tyler Hays

BDDW – photographer Tom Vack

BDDW – Abel Sofa (detail)

BDDW – Craftsmen Jack Shelton and Garrett Mcglothlin


BDDW Garden expert and author Francesca Marzotto Caotorta

BDDW – Kieran Kinsella sits on his wooden Kieran Stumps




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